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Best Health Tricks Provided By Honey And Garlic

The increasing consumerism has made us victims to unnecessary health defaults in an inevitable way. People take recourse to several health-related tips and tricks with the simple motive to live a bit longer and healthier. There is hardly any man on earth who would want to be diagnosed with major deficiencies.

Considering the increasing demand, lesser supply, and increasing the price of medicines, it is best to be safe than sorry. Homemade remedies passed down through generations are not simply stories. They are intrinsically valuable and help the body to function efficiently.  With a hundred percent natural guarantee, one hardly needs to bother about its side-effects.

This article would try to focus on the health benefits provided by our kitchen essentials, garlic, and honey. Doctors and nutritionists recommend the consumption of raw garlic every day in order to get rid of several ailments. Honey, as usual, has anti-cold benefits. Consuming garlic and honey increases the body’s metabo…

Bloated Stomach: 8 Common Reasons And How To Treat Them (Evidence Based)

Abdominal bloating is an unpleasant fact of life and it may be a result of a number of reasons. Bloating happens to us all from time to time and is a common complaint amongst people of all ages.

The symptoms of bloating vary and can range in severity from extremely mild to severe enough to cause pain. They commonly include feeling excessively full after meals. For some people the bloating can be so bad that it leads to flatulence and burping, abdominal noises, hard stomach and swelling.

Why Bloating Happens
Abdominal bloating is the result of excess gas in the digestive tract. It happens for two reasons:
Firstly, the digestive process itself releases gas from the food as it is broken down.Secondly, certain habits can cause you to swallow air. When the two combine, it can be an uncomfortable experience. For many, bloating is an occasional inconvenience and for most people the problem resolves itself after a few (uncomfortable) hours. If you are suffering from regular episodes of bloating…

Potassium Deficiency – Causes, Symptoms And What To Do

Athletes are well aware of the importance of electrolytes for supporting health and for promoting optimal performance, but most of us rarely consider the fact that the body needs to maintain a constant balance of electrolytes such as potassium in order to ensure long-term health.

Electrolytes are minerals that are present in body fluids and in the cells of your body and they are vital for regulating fluid balance and other functions. Potassium is one of the primary electrolytes in your body, and it is responsible for ensuring healthy electrical function.

The Importance of Potassium
Most of the potassium in your body is found in the cells, with only approximately 2% of potassium being found in your blood stream. Relatively small fluctuations in potassium levels can have severe consequences on your health.

Your body relies on electrical signals to function normally. Potassium plays a vital role in supporting electrical function and signal transmission. This means that muscular function r…

Pruney Fingers: Causes, Treatments And When To See a Doctor

Having pruney fingers is a common occurrence after submerging your hands in water for a period of time. Very often, soaking in the bath, washing dishes, or swimming can cause your fingertips to look like shriveled up prunes. However, many people have noticed that their fingers can wrinkle when they are not in water. For example, doctors have discovered that pruney fingers can be linked to blood circulation problems, type 2 diabetes, or being cold.

There have been many theories as to why fingers get pruney in water. In the past, people thought that skin soaked up water causing the outer layer of skin on the hands to swell and become prune-like. Also, it was thought that finger wrinkling occurred because of nerve damage. However, research into the reasons for pruney fingers has shown that nerve damage or soaking up water isn’t to blame for skin wrinkling on the hands.

In this article, you will learn about the various causes of pruney fingers and why certain conditions can cause skin on …

8 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Protein

Protein is an essential macronutrient – and while we can pull it from our organs, muscles, and tendons, if we’re in dire need of amino acids, over time, that can cause serious damage to your health. Protein is a building block for the muscles, and the fuel that supports the body’s cells and tissues. It’s a must for fitness, health, and longevity.

Of course, most people don’t give protein much thought at all, with the exception of bodybuilders and those who are on special diets like the Paleo diet which is protein-focused. And, the majority don’t really even know what proteins are.

What is protein?
These long chain amino acids are important molecules derived from one’s diet, most commonly known to be found in foods from animals such as meat, eggs, fish and dairy, though they can also be found in vegetables and other plant foods like nuts, seeds, and beans.

Your body produces 11 amino acids, but the other essential amino acids, nine of them, must be consumed from food. As they are used t…

11 Signs You Have Heavy Metal Toxicity And How To Prevent It

It can be really frustrating to follow a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and do pretty much everything else you can do to optimize your health and well-being, yet somehow, you just don’t feel right. Perhaps you suffer from digestive problems, you feel sluggish or fatigued a lot of the time, or are just generally ill and sickly.

Not knowing why you aren’t feeling as good as you should can make it difficult to stick with healthy habits – after all, if it’s not working, what’s the point? Why not indulge in your favorite processed snacks and fast food when it doesn’t seem to matter? There may actually be a reason behind all this, and tossing your healthy habits out the window is only going to make it worse, so don’t give up just yet. You may have heavy metal toxicity, due to toxic metals like mercury, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, lead and arsenic that flood the environment and invade your body.

Those toxic metals can not only make you feel ill, they can contribute to an extensive list o…