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6 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Water Retention

Water retention or fluid retention, is the accumulation of excess body fluid in certain areas of the body. It is, in the worse cases, quite the unsightly looking condition.

In milder condition, it can cause someone to look obese despite not being overweight. It can also cause pressure fluctuations and in the worst of cases, even a coma.

The clearest symptoms of water retention are easy to notice: swelling of joints, lethargy and a general stiffness in the body.

In the worst of cases, the excess tissue fluid has to be drained out, using minor surgical methods. This would not only be painful but costly too.

Hence, we have brought you six easy-to-do homemade remedies to help ease fluid retention.

1. Parsley
The fresh herb that lights up the Italian food you cook is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Brewing a weak tea out of it can help you ease out your aching joints and drain the tissue fluid that has accumulated in them.

2. Dandelion
The pretty weed from the Samsung galaxy comme…

Foods That Boost Thinking Power

Can what you eat really affect how well you do on that exam you've been studying for or that presentation you've been so anxious about? Research suggests that it can. But choosing the right foods can provide more than just an immediate brain boost. With proper nutrition, you can enjoy long-term mental health.

Fresh Produce
Fruits and vegetables are good for your brain as well as your body. Antioxidant-rich foods--especially deeply-colored produce such as berries, beets and spinach--help the body maintain good blood flow, which is essential to brain function. Antioxidants may also help reduce age-related decline by protecting brain cells from destructive free radical activity.

Eating blueberries can help you maintain mental clarity even as you age, reports Psychology Today. This is because blueberries contain flavonoid phytochemicals called anthocyanidins, which help brain cells maintain their ability to communicate with other cells. They can even help the body produ…

Black Tea For Weight Loss

Enjoy a cup of regular black tea and you’ll gain two active ingredients that may help with weight loss: polyphenols and caffeine. In several studies, black tea polyphenols promoted weight loss in study participants. Caffeine temporarily boosts the number of calories your body burns. But more research is needed to verify whether short-term benefits from both ingredients will have a longer-lasting impact.

Types of Polyphenols in Black Tea
Green tea and black tea come from the same plant, but they don’t have the same active ingredients because they’re processed differently.

Green tea is made by simply drying mature tea leaves. This type of tea primarily contains polyphenols called catechins.

To produce black tea, the leaves are rolled and fermented before being dried. During fermentation, the catechins develop into two other polyphenols called theaflavins and thearubigins. Thearubigins account for about 70 percent of the active polyphenols in black tea, reported the European Journal of C…

The Effects Of Banana On Blood Sugar

Bananas are tropical fruits that are tasty and nutritious and contain medicinal properties. Bananas can help alleviate stress, pre-menstrual tension, high blood pressure and some even claim that banana skins can cure warts. The banana is a versatile fruit that is chock full of vitamins and makes for a delicious addition to your diet. This fruit also gives a quick boost when blood sugar levels are low.

Glycemic Index
The Glycemic Index, or GI, measures what happens to blood sugar after eating food. It was created to help people control their blood sugar levels, particularly people with diabetes. A low score on the Glycemic Index is anything under 55, a medium score is between 56 and 69 and a high score is anything over 70. Bananas have a low GI score of 51, therefore eating bananas should produce an immediate and sustained boost to energy levels.

Bananas and Blood Sugar
Bananas naturally raise and sustain blood sugar levels due to their high carbohydrate content, and they are beneficial…

The Best Natural Acne Treatment

Even though acne can be difficult to treat, there is a simpler way than browsing aisles and aisles of creams and cleansers at the supermarket. In fact, many of the best acne treatments can be found in your home, tucked away in the kitchen cabinets. Some treatments have been known to be effective for decades.

Oatmeal Mask
Making an oatmeal mask is one natural way to address acne outbreaks. All you need to do is cook one serving of oatmeal and let it cool until tepid. Then apply it to your face. The oatmeal should dry somewhat and feel tight on the skin. Rinse off after 30 minutes. With mild exfoliating action and oil-absorption properties, oatmeal is a logical choice for acne treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is another natural home remedy for acne that just plain works. It targets and kills acne bacteria and helps to reduce redness and inflammation. It's important to dilute it, however, as full-strength vinegar may cause irritation. Mix together 1 tablespoon of app…

The Health Benefits Of Alfalfa Juice

With their pale green heads and long, fine, white threads, alfalfa sprouts are delicate tasting. Nutrient rich, alfalfa sprouts might not be your first choice as a juicing ingredient, but adding even just a little bit to a vegetable or fruit juice can significantly boost the nutritional content of your drink. Alfalfa is low in calories and fat, its mild taste won’t interfere with the taste of the other juice ingredients and it will provide a strong boost of essential vitamins and minerals.

Macronutrient Content
Alfalfa juice provides a large number of nutrients without greatly increasing your calorie or fat consumption. A 2-ounce serving of fresh alfalfa juice contains only 38 calories per serving and 1.14 grams of total fat. This size serving of alfalfa juice also contains no cholesterol. Alfalfa juice also has only 0.3 gram of sugar and a little over 6.5 grams of protein.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, helping your body defend itself from cell damage through exposure to…