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6 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Water Retention

Water retention or fluid retention, is the accumulation of excess body fluid in certain areas of the body. It is, in the worse cases, quite the unsightly looking condition.

In milder condition, it can cause someone to look obese despite not being overweight. It can also cause pressure fluctuations and in the worst of cases, even a coma.

The clearest symptoms of water retention are easy to notice: swelling of joints, lethargy and a general stiffness in the body.

In the worst of cases, the excess tissue fluid has to be drained out, using minor surgical methods. This would not only be painful but costly too.

Hence, we have brought you six easy-to-do homemade remedies to help ease fluid retention.

1. Parsley
The fresh herb that lights up the Italian food you cook is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Brewing a weak tea out of it can help you ease out your aching joints and drain the tissue fluid that has accumulated in them.

2. Dandelion
The pretty weed from the Samsung galaxy comme…

Top 7 Nutritional Supplements Required During Menopause

Menopause is a transitional phase in the life of women, which occurs when they are in their 50s. It marks the end of a woman’s reproductive life. Many symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, hair loss, fatigue, sleep disorders, etc accompany menopause. 

So, taking the right nutrients becomes important at this stage to fight these symptoms. Glance over the write up below to know what nutrients are important during menopause.
Nutritional Supplements For Menopause:

Calcium is vital for bone health. It is an important nutrient for women in their midlife and those close to menopause. Calcium plays a major role in maintaining hormonal balance and hormonal secretion. It is vital for building strong muscles and nervous system functions as well.

Iron is quite important for those hitting menopause because it is the primary element of hemoglobin. It is essential for the production of RBCs and oxygen transport. Iron is crucial for fighting signs of menopause like fatigue, hot fl…

The Healthiest Food In The World Which Prevents Heart Attacks, Resolves Cholesterol and Hypertension And Prevents Stroke

Dates are amazing and super healthy food. They solve a number of health issues such as hypertension and cholesterol and can even prevent stroke.

Dates are abundant in nutrients and can improve health in general. Continue reading and find out more about the health benefits of dates.

Abundant in Iron
This is especially beneficial for people with anemia, pregnant women and children. There is 0.90 mg of iron in 100 grams of dates. This is 11% of the daily recommended dosage of iron intake. Iron is responsible for the red blood cells and hemoglobin. It stimulates oxygen flow to the blood.

Prevent Diarrhea
Dates are rich in potassium, which is a vital mineral. Because of this, they stop diarrhea, soothe the intestines and the belly flora and promote healthy bacteria.

Reduce Constipation
Dates relieve constipation as well. What you need to do is put them in water, leave them overnight and drink the juice in the morning so as to improve digestion. It as an effective and mild laxative.

Normalize …

Castor Oil Drops As A Cure For Cataracts And For Better Eyesight

Although the cataracts, pathological disease in which the lens of the eye became less clear, which lead to obscure vision, is characteristic for older people, lately it is more frequent among young population as well. This is a consequence of junk-food, or food that contain low percentage of basic antioxidants and nutritive.

Cataract is caused by injury of the free radicals, or more precisely result of the glycation process or bonding of sugar molecule to a protein or lipid, in this case the protein part of the lens. The injury is resembling with the process when exposed to the heat, the egg white protein becomes nontransparent, starting from the outside of the lens and progressing to the center.

If you do not want to immediately undergo surgery, that doctors will probably advise, then you can start your therapy by using a castor oil. But please notice that in most severe cases the surgery will be still needed. Castor oil has been admitted as organic medicati…

This Drink Eliminates Knee And Joint Pain In Just 5 Days

There’s no doubt knees are some of the most complex joints in the human body. In fact, these joints ensure proper body posture and leg movement, which includes walking, standing, running, jumping etc. However, as we grow older, reduced joint lubrication along with different injuries, seriously affects the knees. Because of this, the ligaments and the tendons become less supple, frailer and more rigid.

Knee and joint pain is a common ailment predominant in people over 50. While it seems trivial, this type of pain can be truly debilitating and seriously affect a person’s quality of life.

The recipe we recommend here packs some super healthy ingredients which provide amazing healing properties linked to sore knees and joints. It contains some potent anti-inflammatory ingredients and it abounds in magnesium, silicon, vitamin C and bromelain, all of which make your ligaments and tendons stronger.

2 cups of diced pineapplea cup of orange juice (100% natural)a cup of rolled oatsa…

Not For Beginners: Do a Complete Body, Mind And Spirit Detox In Just 3 Days - For 3 Dollars

Ladies and gentlemen, I really think that we can all agree on this – we all need a break from time to time to rest, relax, rejuvenate and re-energize our mind, body and spirit.

Maybe we think of that time as something we’ll do on our next vacation, when we are not overloaded with our day to day stresses.

With a vacation, you return feeling refreshed, enthusiastic and ready to seize the day! But, you should ask yourself – what happens when you can’t take a vacation? Don’t worry, because we can help you with this problem. Our digestive system needs break as well. It’s constantly hard at work for us and can greatly benefits from a little “vacation” of its own; a rest from having to break down and digest our daily meals every single day. According to the experts, fasting is an excellent way to give your system the rest it needs, but not all detoxes are created alike.


You should try the salt-water flush:
Why? If you aren’t pooping daily (1-3 times), then you aren’t “regular”. The waste…