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Call Your Doctor If You Have These Six Symptoms! It Can Be Dangerous Blood Clots

Not all types of blood clots are dangerous for your life. If you have a cut or a bruise which are also clots there is nothing to worry about. If you cut your finger red blood cells form kind of a clot on the surface of your wound to prevent further blood loss.

But there is a fatal disease called thrombus which is also a clot and it occurs inside your body. This type of blood clot usually causes pain and can even spread to another part of your body block the blood supply to those vital organs and it can result in death.

We gather six main symptoms of arthritis for you to check:

#1. Swelling in one of your limbs
It can be the sign of reduced blood flow in your limb. It may be dangerous as it prevents your cells from receiving oxygen.

#2. Leg or arm pain
If the pain in your extremities feels more like cramping and this skin area is warmer than other body parts, it can be the signs of thrombosis.

#3. Red streaks on your skin
As we have mentioned before, bruises are also clots but they don’t have red streaks. If you have noticed red streak along your veins and this skin area is warm to touch, you should consult your doctor as soon as you can.

#4. Chest pains when you take a deep breath
Pain while breathing can be the sign of a heart attack. Also, it can be the result of a blood clot in your lungs. As it is a death causing disease, call the ambulance if you have one.

#5. Shortness of breath
Inability to breathe deeply also can be the sign of blood clot in your lungs. If you feel higher heart rate or have a fluttering feeling in your head you should consult your doctor immediately.

#6. Coughing
If you started coughing without any objective reason and you experienced symptoms which were mentioned above call an ambulance.