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6 Foods That Make People Sluggish And Some Healthier Alternatives

Most likely, you know that the metabolism slows down with age. What women do not dream of eating all they want without getting excess pounds? Many people know that to realize this cherished dream a person needs to speed up his metabolism.

Some of women try to improve their metabolism and add foods that promote the acceleration of metabolism to the diet. Of course, this is the right decision, but it is not enough. It is also important to exclude foods that slow down the metabolism.

What foods can slow down the metabolism and prevent us from weight loss? Today we offer you to look at 6 foods that make people sluggish and some healthier alternatives. As soon as you limit their consumption, you will see great changes in your body:

#1. Fruit juice. Juices contain a lot of sugar, and sometimes even chemicals. It is better to drink homemade lemonade or herbal teas.

#2. Artificial sweeteners. You should know that artificial sweeteners are harmful to health (some experts equate them with drugs), but, in addition, they have a strong inflammatory effect.

Eat fruit, if you want something sweet. Yes, they still contain sugar, but not in such concentrated form. Also, you can eat raw honey instead of artificial sweeteners.

#3. Whole grains. Consumption of whole grains can lead to inflammation in the digestive system. You should limit eating of bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, desserts, chips, granola bars, and eat more sprouted grain bread, for example.

#4. Canola oil. This oil can also lead to inflammation and digestive problems. Replace it with coconut oil.

#5. Peanut butter. This butter is almost the main allergen among all foods. It is better to consume almond butter.

#6. Granola. It is made of whole grains with addition of sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you want to eat granola, make it at home using metabolic friendly foods (raisins, chia seeds, nuts and so on).