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3 Effective Home Remedies To Minimize Pores

Extended pores are a problem that many of us face. It would seem that nothing terrible, but the face still looks not attractive and they can not be hidden. We decided to talk with a cosmetologist and find out how to narrow the pores at home and what salon procedures to do to cope with the expanded pores on the face.

Pores on the face expand for various reasons. This situation can be caused by not proper skin care, or by unbalanced eating. So, consumption of fatty, spicy, fried foods, canned food can spoil your appearance. Best of all, if your diet consists of more vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean fish and meat.

The use of non-quality cosmetics can lead to large pores

Excessive consumption of coffee, drinking alcohol and other bad habits are also bad for your skin. Extended pores can be due to hormonal failure in the body, the sebaceous glands begin to increase the production of sebum.

If to speak about treatment of enlarged pores at home, then, of course, the first thing that you should pay your attention to is skin cleansing. You should cleanse your skin not only in the evening, but also in the morning.

You need to remove oil and dust from the face very carefully, they most often settle in the pores on the face. You should have a separate towel for your face. After cleansing procedures, the face skin should not be rubbed by a towel.

As for great effective natural remedies, you can try these 3 treatments to minimize pores:

#1. Cucumber juice blended with oatmeal. This face mask will help remove dirt and oil from the pores and reduce their size.

#2. Tea tree oil. This oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral and wound-healing action.

#3. Mix yogurt with blended orange peels, oatmeal, honey and almond oil. With the help of this exfoliation remedy you can get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores. Use a scrub one-two times a week. It improves the structure of the skin, helps the skin to absorb moisturizing cream better.