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Best Health Tricks Provided By Honey And Garlic

The increasing consumerism has made us victims to unnecessary health defaults in an inevitable way. People take recourse to several health-related tips and tricks with the simple motive to live a bit longer and healthier. There is hardly any man on earth who would want to be diagnosed with major deficiencies.

Considering the increasing demand, lesser supply, and increasing the price of medicines, it is best to be safe than sorry. Homemade remedies passed down through generations are not simply stories. They are intrinsically valuable and help the body to function efficiently.  With a hundred percent natural guarantee, one hardly needs to bother about its side-effects.

This article would try to focus on the health benefits provided by our kitchen essentials, garlic, and honey. Doctors and nutritionists recommend the consumption of raw garlic every day in order to get rid of several ailments. Honey, as usual, has anti-cold benefits. Consuming garlic and honey increases the body’s metabo…

You Should Know What Banana Color is Best for Your Health

We can safely say that bananas are the most popular tropical fruit in the world. They are tasty, useful and nutritious, and can help you maintain your weight as well.

Bananas are usually yellow in color and have variable size, but there are also spotted and brown bananas which we usually think are rotten. The truth is that every banana color means something and gives the fruit different health benefits. If you’re wondering what color of banana is most beneficial for our health, continue reading the article below.

Yellow banana
First on the list is the plain old yellow banana. It’s the most common banana you can find on the market. It has a nice sweet taste and is packed with beneficial nutrients including antioxidants which can shield your system from damage.

Brown banana
If you thought that a slightly brown banana is rotten, you’ve been wrong the entire time. Brown bananas are actually very healthy, with some experts even recommending them over the yellow bananas. The higher amount of essential nutrients found in brown bananas means that they can reduce your stress levels, while also improving your mood.

Green bananas
Green bananas are not fully matured yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re without their own health benefits. In fact, these bananas are great if you’re suffering from diabetes as they don’t have a high amount of sugar. According to several studies, green bananas can also prevent heart disease.

Spotted bananas
Finally, spotted bananas are perfect for your immune system and will shield you from a variety of ailments. They are rich in antioxidants and may even assist in the elimination of tumors.

There you have it – now you know what each color of banana brings to your health!