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12 Things Your Tongue Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Ill health is usually picked up by the body and transmitted by way of signs and symptoms on surface areas like the skin, and extremities. When your body sends you signals you probably wouldn’t understand, but actually, they are trying to indicate that there is some problem or sickness inside you. The tongue is one such muscular organ that is very helpful in such situations. Your tongue can display many things about your health especially your gut. This article will let you know what is wrong with you when your tongue doesn’t appear normal.

A strawberry red color
When your body is deficit of vitamin, your tongue may turn strawberry red in color. It also means that your body contains less vitamin B12 or iron. In the later stages, your taste buds will smoothen out and your tongue will be much smoother. When you drink something hot or eat something spicy, you may experience severe pain. You should consult a doctor to get prescribed a diet.

Black or brown plaque
If your tongue has black or brown plaque, it can appear very scary but it just displays your habit of smoking, drinking large amounts of black tea or coffee and also having bad oral hygiene. You can experience taste anomalies as well as an unpleasant odor will always be given off from your mouth. You should brush your teeth as well as your tongue on a daily basis and also quite bad habits which cause plaque.

A lot of white plaque
Yeast infection also known as Candidiasis can appear as white plaque which looks a lot like cottage cheese. When the Candida albicans which contains the yeast that grows at a high rate, then the plaque starts to appear. This yeast is present in every person’s mouth. High blood pressure, taking antibiotics, having a weak immune system and diabetes can cause also this white plaque to appear. You should consult a doctor immediately.

Furrowed tongue
A furrowed tongue can indicate that your tongue is aging along with you. You can develop an infection in these cracks if you don’t brush your teeth well enough, otherwise, these cracks are fine. You can develop a fungal infection in the crack and you will experience a burning sensation as well as severe pain. Special drugs are available to solve this problem. You can even develop a furrowed tooth if your tooth implants haven’t been placed properly.

Small white spots on the tongue
When there is something that irritates that skin, you will notice such white spots in those areas. This can be caused when a tooth is constantly grinding against the tongue. People who smoke usually experience this as smoking causes an increase in the production of these cells and these cells produce these spots. Among these cells, roughly 5-17% of them can even be pre-cancer cells. You should consult a doctor immediately if these spots don’t disappear within some weeks and you should get the entire test done which have been advised by the doctor.

Red spots and blisters
If blisters and red spots on your tongue don’t disappear and remain for longer periods of time, this means that they can be symptoms of a severe disease. Tongue cancer is usually the end result of such symptoms. You should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

A burning sensation
Women who go through menopause and hormonal changes, just after the start of the menopause experience a burning sensation on a frequent basis. You should see a doctor if you’re having this problem. There are some ingredients in the toothpaste which can be allergic to your tongue; this can also cause such sensations.

Bumps and dimples
This is not dangerous, but it is kind of a rare feature. You don’t need to worry about anything If you don’t experience any pain but every person can have different symptoms. Sometimes bumps and pimples may appear and disappear too.

Painful sores
Most children and even 20 % of adults experience oral thrush which is a very common disease in which they have painful sores. The weak immune system and stress are the signal of these sores. Within 2 weeks, these sores usually disappear. You should consult a doctor if these sores do not disappear.

Ulcers on the tongue are usually an indication of poor immunity or poor gut health. Moreover if your digestive system I undergoing any problems, it could manifest as ulcers on the mouth and most people are accustomed to remark “your stomach could be dirty” well, it’s not entirely wrong because once the toxins are eliminated though the bowels, you may find the ulcers receding.

Swelling of the tongue
This could be a condition that is an inflammation of the tongue called glossitis. It could also be the result of amylase protein or other substances on the tongue, fluid collection because of certain diseases or tumors in which case see a doctor immediately.

Geographic tongue
This is a harmless inflammation of the tongue where some of the papillae are missing from some spots and appear as smooth islands with raised borders. Geographic tongue isn’t serious although it can occur for days or even years. You need to be cautious when lesions start appearing.