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Scientists May Have Just Discovered How To Stop Aging, And They Are All Excited

For centuries humankind has hunted for the elixir of youth just to get that magic potion of eternal health and vitality. The fountain of youth is in all mythologies and archaic texts and to be honest the pursuit of youth has not stopped even today. Ageing is something which we are paranoid of as it reminds us of our mortality and we try to erase every little sign by surgeries and cosmetics but eventually age catches up. But maybe not for long as there might be hope that science has eventually found out the secret of long youthful life for all of us!

Today we bring to you new research that proposes to slow down the aging process to help humans live a longer and healthier life.  If indeed this works as the research says it definitely can, then it might even change the world.

Discovered by a 50 year old scientists who looks 30
The scientist in question who has discovered an anti-aging solution is respected Australian genius David Sinclair who is just 50 years old but does not look a day more than 31! He is a workaholic and not exactly a fitness freak so how does he do it? In fact, they are many in this world that look 10 or 20 years younger than they actually are…is it genetic or sheer good luck?

“Anti aging” molecules — fairytale or reality?

Professor Sinclair’s work focuses on anti ageing molecules which he says will increase the life expectancy of people by 10 years keeping them healthy and productive. His mom was diagnosed with cancer and he gave her these molecules which extended her life by 20 years! His father enjoys rafting and hiking like a teenager and he is 79! These molecules are working wonderfully for his family, colleagues, and even his pets.

Ageing is a curable disease
Sinclair truly believes that ageing is also one of the many diseases which inflicts humans and can be cured. The irony is that any government will not approve or patent his drugs because ageing is considered universal so he is trying hard that Australia should be the path-breaking nation to at least declare ageing as a treatable disease till then the pharmaceutical companies and biological medicine companies cannot manufacture the anti-ageing pills and can only supply age-related disease medications to keep specific organs well and working.

Reprogramming genes
According to Dr. Sinclair, it’s the epigenome in the human body which sends molecular and chemical signals to our brains which starts the ageing process. This is a paradigm shift from our universal belief that “ageing” is DNA controlled. Instead, if we can slow down our epigenome by controlling its secretions, we can slow down our ageing as well!

Biological stress is the secret of youth

According to professor Sinclair, as we age our genes begins to degenerate and we begin to age. In these cases when a special kind of protein called sirtuin is stimulated in our systems, it turns off some of the genes which increase the ageing process. This causes biological stress which is a good thing as it forces the body to concentrate towards constant repair and maintenance.

How do you trigger biological stress?
The logical question is obviously, how exactly do we increase our biological stress levels? No one even knew that Sirtuin existed in mammals.  Then scientists suddenly found it could be activated in the body by taking fewer calories and increasing physical activities.

How to inject Sirtuin in to the body safely
The next step was to figure out a way to inject sirtuin in the human body without activating mental or emotional stress which would defeat the purpose completely. Sinclair miraculously discovered that large quantities of resveratrol molecules could activate sirtuins in his experimental lab mice. That was a helpful breakthrough.

What is resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a substance found in black grape skin or tiny doses of red wine. Resveratrol itself is a highly beneficial ingredient which is a polyphenol that acts like a powerful anti-oxidant. It protects you against agents that cause cancer and heart disease and is also found in peanuts and cranberries.

A crucial molecule
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Professor Sinclair might have actually found “the fountain of youth.”  In another study dedicated to anti-aging, Professor Sinclair researched a molecule scientifically termed oxidized nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) which he called “The fountain of youth”. This crucial molecule controls every biological aspect of the body but it diminishes as we age. So it’s logical that if we somehow renew this molecule in our system, it starts rejuvenating our organs such as the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, reproductory organs, the brain and the entire nervous system.

Successful experiments
After administering this NAD+ molecule on his lab rats, it was observed they functioned at par with the younger mice and the young mice got even stronger after the doses of these miracle molecules were injected into their system.

Still a lot of work to do
Sinclair’s main idea is to make human lives longer, healthier and be more productive. There are many in Australia who proves his molecules work. Already his close associates and family members are the examples of his successful experiment. He plans to continue his research and who knows we may have the possibility of immortality and eternal youth within our lifetime thanks to Professor Sinclair! He may be a man to change the world but do you think it is good to prolong life? What impact will it have on the planet?

Speaking in an interview after establishing the nonprofit academy called Academy for Health and Lifespan Research jointly with 16 researchers from MIT, Harvard and institutions in Europe and the US, Professor Sinclair said “We’re generally in denial that, for most of the diseases that we get these days, the root cause is aging. I don’t know 10-year-olds that get Alzheimer’s disease or heart disease. It’s aging that increases the risk 1,000-fold for cancer, while if you smoke, it goes up fivefold. Which is more important to be focused on? “