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Research Says Drinking Baking Soda May Help In Autoimmune Diseases, Here Are The Details

There is no denying the fact that the biggest wealth of the world is disease-free life but as our age increases, our immunity decreases and chances of us catching diseases also rises. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of scientific advancement in the field of medical science, there are some diseases which are not completely curable, though medicines and procedures are available to contain the disease and keep the condition of the patient stable.

Our immune system protects us from the bacteria and viruses which spread diseases but what will happen if our immune system attacks us:

1. What does our immune system do?
Our immune system saves us from bacteria and viruses which spread diseases by sending fighter cells when our body is attacked by these foreign invaders. The strength of our immune system depends a lot on our lifestyle habits such as living healthy, eating healthy, etc, and taking good care of our body.

2. What are autoimmune diseases?
Usually, our immune system knows the difference between our cells and foreign cells and it sends fighter cells whenever our body is attacked by foreign cells. However, autoimmune diseases happen when our immune system starts attacking our body by mistake. It considers some part of our body as a foreign part, such as joints or skin and sends autoantibodies to attack the healthy cells of the body.

3. Types of autoimmune diseases:
There are various autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, lupus, myasthenia gravis and rheumatoid arthritis. While some autoimmune diseases affect only one part of the body, some affect the complete body for example, type 1 diabetes have a bad effect on pancreas while lupus has a harmful effect on the complete body.

4. Good news for the patients:
There is good news for the patients of autoimmune diseases as it has been found that drinking baking soda can help them in getting rid of the disease. It is being said that if a patient consumes a daily dose of baking soda, the inflammation caused by these diseases can be reduced significantly.

5. The research says:
Asper a study conducted in the Medical School of Georgia, the baking soda can be a cost-effective remedy to combat against the autoimmune diseases. The findings were published in the Journal of Immunology, and it stated when the solution of baking soda was consumed by mice and people with good health, more acid was produced by the stomach for digesting the next meal.

6. The research further says:
The solution also keeps the spleen in a calm state rather than triggering a protective immunity response. The baking soda solution also triggers themesothelial cells which are found on the top of the spleen. These cells get to know about the surroundings through their fingers which are known as microvilli. They form a protective layer known as mesothelium on the organs of the body and an alarm is raised by them if they sense any foreign invader.

7. What baking soda does?
If baking soda solution is consumed by the person, then the cells will inform the organ that there is no need for an attack as there are no foreign invaders. In the same manner, spleen is also made to rest a little and it doesn’t release white blood cells for protecting the body. This process will result in creating an anti-inflammatory environment in the body.

8. The result of drinking baking soda solution:
There are also some macrophages in the spleen, there are white blood cells of various types. Type M1 increases inflammation while Type M2 decreases inflammation. It was observed that the number of Type M1 macrophages decreased and the number of Type M2 increased in those people who drank baking soda solution two weeks. Along with this, the production of Type M2 also increased which further resultsin anti-inflammatory atmosphere.

9. Spleen plays an important role
The researchers noticed that a significant role is played by the spleen in the immune system and even there is a little bit of change, it can result in huge difference in conditions. It was found that the mesothelial connections were broken off when the spleen was either moved or removed and anti-inflammatory response also disappeared.

10. Research is still needed
Some positive results have been obtained and some more research is needed in this context. The researchers have warned that people with autoimmune diseases should not start drinking solution of baking soda as till now it has been tested on rats and healthy people only and not on patients of autoimmune diseases.

11. Reasons for catching autoimmune diseases
There are almost 80-100 autoimmune diseases but doctors are still not sure about the reasons for people suffering with these autoimmune diseases. However, it has been observed that some autoimmune diseases are particularly found in some ethnic groups as lupus mostly affects Hispanic and African-American people rather than the Caucasians.

12. Some run in the family
It has also been found that some autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and lupus are hereditary, which means they run in the family. It doesn’t mean that every member in the family will be suffering from it but their probability of suffering from the disease will be pretty high.

13. Environmental factors
Due to the increasing cases of autoimmune diseases, the experts are of the opinion that environmental factors such as pollution, infections or chemical exposure can be the reason behind the spreading of the autoimmune diseases. There is no denying the fact that the atmosphere around us is not so clean and pure as it used to be earlier.

14. Western diet
The experts also feel that the western diet also plays an important role in the spreading of the autoimmune diseases as their diet includes, high sugar, high fat and highly processed food which can be easily related to inflammation. However, nothing confirm can be said in this regard as research is still needed in this context.

15. Hygiene Hypothesis
This is one more theory which is presented in regard to the autoimmune diseases. As per the hygiene hypothesis, there are vaccines and antiseptics for almost all the diseases because of which the kids of today are not exposed to germs and viruses which was not the case earlier. It may happen that the immune system is overreacting towards harmless substances due to the lack of exposure.