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If You Stop Smoking Right Now, This Is What Happens To Your Body

Smoking is one of the worst habits that endanger one’s life and if you haven’t yet quit, you would be doing yourself a favor by doing so. Smoking without people realizing takes a toll on health in a serious way. It affects the lungs making it black as coal, leads to diseases like COPD; it also leads to cardiovascular disease by constant toxins in the blood and artery blockage. The main contributor to promotion of smoking has been advertisements, the media and Hollywood dramatizing and stereotyping smoking as cool or macho. Thankfully these same elements are waking up to the dangerous implications and are now being more vocal against smoking.

1. It is never too late to stop smoking
The biggest negative factor about smoking is passive smoking where you endanger the people around you too. While there are still smokers who just can’t quit, there are those who do after realizing the positive impact being smoke free has on their lifestyle and health. In fact, even as your body is damaged by cigarette smoke, once you stop, positive changes do take place. So here is what happens when you stop smoking.

2. What happens when you quit smoking?
Even as you are reading this, if you have a cigarette in your mouth, of course we won’t ask you to throw it away because you can’t, but once you finish it, perhaps you might want to read this before picking up another one. Going cold turkey can be quite the challenge, this is why so many people find it helpful to try e cigarettes as an alternative. If you feel you can go cold turkey, go for it! But don’t be ashamed of needing something to overcome the struggles associated with doing this. If you do decide to use a vape then you will benefit from getting to choose from a wide array of Vape Juice Flavors which can really help encourage you to put down the dirty smelling cigarettes you have craved. You won’t believe, that just after 20 minutes of not smoking, the change starts happening in your body and for the better.

3. After seeing the change, you may be motivated to stop
In order to quit smoking, a good motivating factor would be to learn what happens when you stop smoking. When you see how much damage has been done to your body and how much the benefit to it when you stop, perhaps you will be inclined to stop faster. The bad health effects of smoking are endless but what you need to see is the positive side of quitting.

4. The first 20 minutes
In just 20 minutes of being smoke free, your blood pressure and pulse decreases. This is because nicotine is a stimulant that increases blood pressure and heart rate. Once this decreases, you may immediately notice the difference.

5. After 8 to 12 hours
Once you have gone for up to 12 hours without smoking, the positive effects will be more pronounced and your body will feel lighter. This is because no new toxins are being introduced into the body. The level of carbon monoxide in the blood will reduce considerably and the oxygen levels will improve to normal levels.

6. After 24 hours
It is a proven fact that smoking puts you at a huge risk of a heart attack. Once you have gone a day without smoking, that risk decreases a lot. This is because; your oxygen levels are back to normal and creating a healthier environment for your organs including your heart.

7. After 48 hours
After 48 hours of being smoke free, there is going to be some vast improvements in your body. The nerve endings begin to regrow. If smoking has made you reduce your ability of smell and taste, not smoking improves it. Soon your food tastes better and your appetite returns back to normal.

8. After 2 weeks to 3 months
By now, your body is well on its way to recovering from the bad effects of smoking. Once your circulation improves, you feel more energetic, you find you can walk for longer distances and you aren’t fatigued or tired. Smoking usually produces a lot of congestion and phlegm. This is reduced to a great extent resulting in less production of phlegm. By about 3 months, the condition of the lungs will vastly improve.

9. After 9 months
By nine months, you are smoke free and your body will definitely thank you for it. There will be an improvement in the sinuses and congestion will decrease. You won’t experience the condition of breath shortness associated with smoking. The cilia which are tiny microscopic hair like structures in your lungs will become freer and then function normally. It is the cilia that help remove mucus and congestion form the lungs.

10. After 1 year
After a year, your risk of heart attack is decreased by 50% and is in no way the amount of used to be when you smoked. Your heart health will improve and so will your immunity. There will be a marked positive impact on your general well being. You find that exercising isn’t so tough anymore simple because your lungs are healthier and your circulation is carrying more oxygen in your blood.

11. Between 5 to 15 years
You can say hello to a smoke-free and toxic free life simply because the toxins in your blood may have well been neutralized by now. You won’t have the risk of stroke-like before. In fact, after 10 years, your risk of contracting certain cancers will have significantly decreased. These include, lung cancer, pancreas cancer, throat cancer, esophagus, kidney and bladder cancer. Your risk of lung cancer reduces to that of a non smoker.

12. After 15 years
In 15 years, your rid of heart disease and heart attack will stop totally to that of a non smoker. Combine this with the huge amount of money saved and the journey to being smoke free will be really worth it.

13. Live a healthier lifestyle
What you should remember is that being free from smoking isn’t a license to start observing other unhealthy practices. Be concerned about your diet and maintain your physical activity. According to the WHO, (World Health Organization), the minimum minutes of activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle are 150 minutes per week.

14. Go for long walks
The toll of cigarette smoke on your lungs is a drastic one. Once you stop smoking, you can rehabilitate your body faster from the negative effects of smoke by going for long walks every day. Graduate from 30 minutes a day to an hour’s walk every day which will give you immense health benefits.

So to conclude, why should you continue smoking? Ask yourself, is it the physical action of your hand to mouth that is the relaxing effect or is it the poison in your lungs. Perhaps to de-stress and relax yourself, engage in physical exercise, yoga, walks, Tai Chi, meditation or a hobby. Take a look at the chart again to see what happens when you stop smoking.