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6 Signs of Cervical Cancer

It’s sometimes called the silent killer, since there are very few noticeable symptoms until the cancer has progressed. Another issue for women facing cervical cancer is that the signs are often diagnosed as something else since they vary and are fairly broad. That doesn’t mean however, that there aren’t warning signs to look out for. Here are some that you could help you in the future.

6 Signs of Cervical Cancer

6. Abnormal bleeding
Most women, unless they suffer from a chronic reproductive health issue, take notice of strange bleeding. Whether it’s mid cycle, during sex or after menopause, this type of bleeding isn’t typical and should definitely cause you to head to a gynaecologist.

5. Odd discharge
As a woman, chances are you’ve had some strange discharge over the years. However, you always know when something doesn’t look (or smell) quite right. A strong, rotten smell or watery discharge could be cervical cancer but it could also be a variety of other things so don’t stress just see a doctor.

4. Changes to your bathroom habits
If you have noticed that your bowel movements have been consistently different for more than a week or so, it might be because of your reproductive organs. Peeing more than often, painful or uncomfortable bowel movements are things to mention to your doctor.

3. You are exhausted
Of course being a busy woman you probably are always feeling a little run down but if you are finding it difficult to get any energy back into your life it might be because of something more serious going on. Keep track of how you’re feeling and when you’re feeling that way, so if you find that you are exhausted from the moment you wake up it’s probably because you have fatigue.

2. You smoke, or did smoke
Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer are in the mid 40’s, and we all know that smoking increases your chances of developing most types of cancer. Although it’s just a risk factor, it’s something to take into consideration as a reason for why you might be feeling the way you do.

1. Pain
Not just your typical period pain either, but intense cramping in your pelvic area that doesn’t feel normal. It’s something to take notice of if you’ve never experienced this type of pain before or you can’t put it down to your menstrual cycle.