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11 Subtle Ways Your House May Be Ruining Your Health And Making You Sick

In trying to keep our home and house functional and practical for convenience, we end up purchasing and storing products that we feel is good for home and health. Instead these turn out to be just the opposite. There could be toxic chemicals and other harmful substances present in many areas of your house that is not exactly visible to your eyes. However, there are ways to prevent such substances from affecting your health and the health of your loved ones. Here are the 11 items and ways your home could be ruining your health.

The Presence of Toxic Dust
Dust present atop your furniture or in hard-to-reach corners of your house can probably be toxic to your health. After analyzing dust samples, the researchers from George Washington University found traces of 45 potentially toxic chemicals out of which 10 were present in almost 90 samples. The most common chemical found were- TDCIPP (a flame retardant) that may cause cancer and which is commonly found in furniture; phthalates- from vinyl flooring, toys; and phenols-from cleaning products.

The best solution
The best solution is vacuuming frequently with all the proper attachments that reach into the deepest corners and under furniture and wiping down surfaces on a regular basis to remove all traces of dust.

Air Freshener Addiction
Plug-in fresheners, scented sprays and candles, and oil diffusers that you so often use to keep your house smelling fresh are actually ruining your health more so than you know. All these contain chemicals and phthalates that interfere with our hormones thereby disrupting the endocrine system. In fact, phthalates may act as a synthetic chemical substance within our body that ends up interfering with natural processes which make us worry about health issues. If you really want to keep your home smelling fresh use flowers and natural essential oils instead, or you can just open the windows.

You have a lot of plastic items in your kitchen
There are harmful chemicals such as BPA present in plastic storage containers that can leach into food when it is reheated or when the containers are filled with leftovers which are still hot. BPA is also present in polycarbonate plastic items which include drinking cups, beverage jugs, and reusable water bottles. This chemical can cause interference in the body’s hormones, and lead to the development of diabetes and cancer. Some packaging labels of such items might suggest that they are BPA free, but the fact is that manufacturers have just used another chemical with the same properties as a substitute, and which could be just as harmful as BPA. Rather than using plastic items, opt for stainless steel water bottles and glass storage containers.

Spraying your shower down with bleach
While using bleach to keep your bathroom tiles sparkling clean is well and good, using it on mold can only make things worse. Bleach removes the mold in tile grout, but owing to its caustic and permeable components, bleach in time eats away at grout, making more tiny holes where mold can grow.

To get rid of mould spores
To get rid of mold spores in your bathroom use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to destroy them. Also, make sure there is proper ventilation to reduce the humidity which allows for the growth of mold. After taking a bath, use a squeegee for wiping down the excess water off the shower walls.

Your carpeting is wall-to-wall
If you don’t take regular care of your wall-to-wall carpeting it may turn into a sink for all sorts of contaminants. Allergic reactions may result from dust and pet dander settling in between the cushioning. Not removing your shoes before walking into the house can cause contaminants such as pesticides, metals, dirt, etc., from outside to settle all over your carpets. Your pet or kid might get it all over themselves if they just happen to crawl on the floor or carpet. To prevent this you must resort to regular vacuuming and frequent washing of the rugs and carpets.

Having only non-stick cookware
According to scientists, the synthetic chemicals that are used in non-stick cookware which ensure that the food doesn’t stick to it are sometimes released when food is cooked in high-heat. These chemicals can cause flu-like symptoms. It would be better to use cast iron or stainless steel for cooking.

You have ancient upholstery
Upholstered furniture which has tags that says it contains the chemical “TB 117” (a flame retardant) can potentially act as a carcinogen which might prove to be a health hazard. It would be best to get rid of such furniture and buy new furniture with “TB 117-2013” on the labels.

There is too much-canned food in your pantry
While canned foods are cheap and affordable they do have certain traces of harmful toxins. Some may even contain BPA which is a chemical substance that can leach into the food if the food is acidic or was hot at the time of packaging. Despite being a significant source of BPA exposure, canned foods remain staples in many kitchens. However, there are research companies that have pledged to never use toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process of canned foods. In fact, there are many brands like Better Bean Company that sell soup, tomatoes, and beans in boxes and refrigerated plastic tubs.

Burning incense to relax
Particulate matter that is released into the air from the fumes of ignited incense tends to settle in the respiratory tract when inhaled as per the Environmental Protection Agency. These fumes may even contain a chemical that causes skin irritation.

No houseplants
According to NASA research, having houseplants can significantly help in reducing indoor air pollution other than simply brightening your home. Gerbera Daisy, Chinese evergreen, English Ivy, and Bamboo Palm are some plants that are effective in the absorption and removal of carbon monoxide and other harmful contaminants from the air.

You have a nice smelling laundry room
Using products like fabric softener, scented detergents, and dryer sheets while doing the laundry so that your clothes smell fresh and cozy, might cause health issues over time since they contain harmful chemicals and phthalates. Instead, use products that don’t contain perfume or ‘parfum’, or any kind of fragrance, and which has a short list of ingredients.