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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday

It is sad but true that many of the best tasting foods are the worst for us. That’s because they are artificially constructed to ramp up the flavors we naturally crave – sugar and salt – to levels never found in nature. In other cases, it is the growing or packaging processes that cut corners and put consumers’ health at risk.

Don’t let the mega-food producers of the world play around with your family’s safety! Check out our list of 15 cancer causing foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation.

Microwave popcorn
Popcorn in general is a relatively healthy snack, so it’s really too bad that the most convenient way of popping it actually makes it extremely unhealthy. The reason is that those microwave bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

Many studies have revealed that consuming PFOA can cause cancers of the kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, and testicles.

You already know that soda in general is not the healthiest due to shockingly high levels of…

Reduce Lower Belly Fat With These 8 Simple Exercises

The lower belly is one of the main problem areas when it comes to losing weight, because it just refuses to let you go. It really messes up clothing sizes and other such things because sometimes even if you are losing weight over all, that belly just sticks to you as if with glue. There is always exercise and dieting but one must remember that there are only a few specific exercises that target lower belly fat and just a lot of leg days will not cut it.

Following is a list of exercises, thank me later!

Double leg lifts

Also known as the Mermaid exercise, this one puts a lot of pressure on your lower abdomen and gets the job done. It is pretty easy to do as well, all you have to do is lie on your back with your hands under your head, bring both your legs together, exhaling as you lift them up, holding them there for a few seconds and then brining them back down.

Flutter kicks

These do wonders for your lower belly and your thighs. Lie down like you would do for double leg lifts and then lift each of your legs up one by one while the other one is just below it- flutter!


We all know the benefits, do we not? Most people generally know how to do them but let me still give you a rundown. Lie on your back, hands behind you head with your legs folded. Lift your upper body up and try to get them as close to your knees as possible.

Criss cross

The criss cross will help you lose weight as well as tone your body as a whole. All you have to do for this one is lie on your back with your hands behind your head as usual with your legs folded. After that, bring the left side of your upper torso up to meet your right knee and vice versa.

Crunches on exercise ball

An exercise ball is a great investment. It helps your agility as well as stability. Exercise ball crunches: the name is pretty suggestive. All you have to do is your regular crunches, but with your waist on the exercise ball.

Rolling planks

This one helps you work on your strength and better your muscle tone. All you have to do is, lie down but not on your back, but sideways with your body resting upon the leg and arm of the side that you are lying on and hold this position. Start with about half a minute and try to get to at least a couple of minutes.

Vertical crunches

This one is pretty easy. It is like doing crunches but when you do them, raise your legs up high and then bring your torso up to reach your pelvis. Continue inhalation and exhalation throughout.


I believe the name gives it away. Lie down on your back and then lift your hips, inhaling and exhaling continuously, with your hands under your head.

These exercises do help, you know?