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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

You are likely aware that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise?

Or that certain ingredients found in virtually all packaged foods present a serious health risk?

By being an informed consumer, we can help influence for good the types of products that end up on our grocery shelves, and enjoy better health to boot.

Read on to discover 15 very common foods known to increase cancer risk, along with some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda
Not only is soda jampacked with sugar – cancer’s fuel of choice – but it often also contains caramel color. This artificial coloring has the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI as a byproduct. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI shows up in sodas with caramel color.

Alternatives – Water is always best, but if you really crave the sweet, bubbly hit of soda, choose a natural brand without caramel color.

2. Grilled red meat
While a nice char on that steak may taste good, the …

The Healthiest Food In The World Which Prevents Heart Attacks, Resolves Cholesterol and Hypertension And Prevents Stroke

Dates are amazing and super healthy food. They solve a number of health issues such as hypertension and cholesterol and can even prevent stroke.

The Healthiest Food In The World Which Prevents Heart Attacks, Resolves Cholesterol and Hypertension And Prevents Stroke

Dates are abundant in nutrients and can improve health in general. Continue reading and find out more about the health benefits of dates.

Abundant in Iron
This is especially beneficial for people with anemia, pregnant women and children. There is 0.90 mg of iron in 100 grams of dates. This is 11% of the daily recommended dosage of iron intake. Iron is responsible for the red blood cells and hemoglobin. It stimulates oxygen flow to the blood.

Prevent Diarrhea
Dates are rich in potassium, which is a vital mineral. Because of this, they stop diarrhea, soothe the intestines and the belly flora and promote healthy bacteria.

Reduce Constipation
Dates relieve constipation as well. What you need to do is put them in water, leave them overnight and drink the juice in the morning so as to improve digestion. It as an effective and mild laxative.

Normalize Body Weight
Dates are rich in nutrients which prevent extra fat tissue. They need to be eaten on an empty stomach. They do not have cholesterol at all, but they contain sugar, thereby eat them in moderation.

Regulate Cholesterol
Dates are able to cure bad or LDL cholesterol. They cleanse the blood vessels and prevent the fats from getting to the heart.

Make the Heart Stronger
Put some dates in water and allow them to soak overnight. In the morning, strain the dates and take out the seeds. You can blend the seeds and then consume them.

Regulate the Blood Pressure
Dates have tiny amounts of sodium and they are rich in potassium. This makes them beneficial for patients with hypertension. Moreover, there is 80 mg of magnesium in 5 or 6 dates. Magnesium is a mineral which spreads the blood vessels and promotes blood flow. You can reduce your pressure by taking 370 mg of magnesium.

Prevent Stroke
The dates are beneficial for the nervous system. This is because of the potassium content. The chances of a stroke will reduce with 400 mg of potassium a day.