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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

You are likely aware that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise?

Or that certain ingredients found in virtually all packaged foods present a serious health risk?

By being an informed consumer, we can help influence for good the types of products that end up on our grocery shelves, and enjoy better health to boot.

Read on to discover 15 very common foods known to increase cancer risk, along with some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda
Not only is soda jampacked with sugar – cancer’s fuel of choice – but it often also contains caramel color. This artificial coloring has the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI as a byproduct. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI shows up in sodas with caramel color.

Alternatives – Water is always best, but if you really crave the sweet, bubbly hit of soda, choose a natural brand without caramel color.

2. Grilled red meat
While a nice char on that steak may taste good, the …

Prepare This Drink And Eliminate Your Kidney Stones Naturally

When we see the statistics that give data related to the victims that are charged the serious cases of kidney stones, we understand the seriousness of the problem, since they surpass those of other diseases that can be more serious and more frequent.

Prepare This Drink And Eliminate Your Kidney Stones Naturally

So doctors, increasingly with a better and better judgment, tend to control this aspect of health that was left only when there was a symptom.

These stones originate in the kidneys and are solidified debris.

As they gain in size, they also increase the disorders they generate, along with other complications when it comes to urinating.

In some cases, these stones that are formed are naturally removed through the urine, but when their size is significant, they can get stuck in the urethra, causing intense pain.

Causes and solutions:
While the causes of renal stone formation in our kidneys may have different origins, there are some that hold a common denominator.

– Excessive consumption of meat:

The kidneys make tremendous efforts to process the part that touches them with the abundant intake of meats.

This on demand harms these bodies and causes them to start working with difficulties.

– Poor intake of vegetables:

Eating few vegetables is not good for the kidneys.

Vegetables provide nutrients that the kidney needs to function properly, so depriving it of its benefits is not healthy.

– Low fluid intake:

This is one of the main factors that damages the kidneys.

Fluids are needed in the digestive process helping to digest food more easily, while “cleaning” the kidneys.

To help you with cleansing the kidneys and eliminating these stones that only cause complications, we recommend this home remedy that will be very useful.


– 200 ml of filtered water

– 50 ml of lemon juice

When we mix these ingredients, we get lemonade, which we recommend to take before each meal, to achieve better results.

Citrus generally helps to dissolve kidney stones, so the more you are consistent, the less chance you will have for them to be generated.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that you should not abuse the consumption of lemon juice.