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12 Tips On How to Prevent Blood Clots That Can Save Your Life

If you have the habit of sitting in front of the T.V or computer for hours, the risk of the formation of blood clots can be life-threatening. It is the same for those who sit at a desk job working for hours without moving around. This can lead to several problems like varicose veins, feet and leg swelling and blood clots. You can face extreme complications if these clots travel are formed in your hearts and lungs.

If we follow a proper diet and eat the right stuff and perform some daily activities as well as wear clothes which will keep us comfortable, the chances of blood clot ruining our health decreases significantly. This article will provide you 12 tips which will prevent the formation of severe blood clots which can be crucial to our health.

Wear loose-fitting clothing
You should avoid clothes which are tight fitting as it will prevent a healthy circulation of blood in the body. Blood clots can also be formed in your legs, so if you wear skinny jeans it can prevent circulation in…

Follow This Simple Method To Use Curry Leaves For Faster Hair Growth

Long, lustrous and beautiful tresses are desired by all women. Not only does it give them a plethora of choices for hairstyles but are also the envy of many.

Silky, shiny and thick hair is a sign of healthy body and also adds to the attractive features of women.

Hair issues are around since many centuries. Women have always been plagued with dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning etc. The modern lifestyle also adds to these problems as we have literally no time to devote to hair care. More often than not we turn to shampoos all for our cures.

Although shampoos are known to help the hair follicles to certain extent, it can also damage the hair if used excessively as they contain harmful chemicals.

Shampoos can dry your scalp quickly and render you roots weaker, which in turn will only result in rapid hair loss.

Many of the hair issue stem from the fact that the body does not get enough nutrition to enable to conquer this issues. While a healthy diet will help correct this problem, there ar…

3 Ingredient Homemade Toothpaste With Turmeric To Whiten Teeth And Reverse Gum Disease

Ever noticed how Indians have the whitest teeth that you could almost see them shine in the dark!? It must be something that they’re eating that makes their teeth so white. Spices! They use turmeric in almost every curry dish yet their teeth don’t get stained.

In the city, people are often rushing to get to work in the morning, not spending enough time caring for their teeth and consuming food and beverages that heavily stain their teeth, such as coffee.

Dental hygiene companies advertise toothpaste that whitens your teeth, but these have been shown to cause damage to your tooth enamel when used regularly.

Other side effects of commercial teeth whiteners include teeth sensitivity and gum damage due to irritation of soft tissue in the mouth. In some cases, the side effects caused by teeth whitening products are irreversible.

There are many reasons to switch from commercial, store-bought products to natural teeth whiteners. Aside from the fact that s…

Soda is Full of Cancer-Causing Chemicals And Destroys Our Bones

Even though Americans know the health risks of soda, they are still continuing to drink the sugar-filled and dangerous beverage in excess. Thanks to those people who say they are avoiding this drink, the sale is slightly decreased.  But people are spending every day more than $75 billion on soda. All that leads to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and more. If you’re still thinking if you should stop drinking or not your soda, these amazing reasons will definitely tell you that you SHOULD do that.

Soda Leads to Osteoporosis
All sodas contain phosphates or phosphoric acid to give them their sharp flavor and improve their shelf life. Phosphoric acid exists in many whole foods, but too much can in fact lead to:
kidney and heart problems,osteoporosis,muscle loss. It can even “speed up” the aging process. Too much phosphoric acid together with calcium consumption can cause bone loss. Sodas also contain caffeine which can interfere with calcium absorption.

It C…

Lay Down With A Banana Peel On Your Forehead. You Must Try This Trick, It's Unbelievable

Headache is an uncomfortable pain that can affect any part of the head. To be more precise, headaches may occur on one, or on both sides of the head; and can be isolated on one particular location, or can affect the entire head. Moreover, they can develop gradually, or suddenly, without any expectation. Also, a headache can last from less than an hour, to a whole day, or sometimes even as much as several days.

Probably, there’s no person on Earth who haven’t experienced a headache at one point in its life. Surely you know how terrible this pain can be. Since headaches can sometimes be unbearable, people often go for pain medications. However, there’s no need to use pharmaceutical drugs, which can sometimes have negative side effects for the human health. There’s always the option of natural treatments.

In this article, we show you one simple and completely natural solution, which will help you relieve the unbearable headache in an instant! This solution is actually one ingredient, whi…

This Fruit Is Banned Because It Fights Colon, Breast, Pancreatic And Skin Cancer

Have you heard of the mangosteen fruit? If you haven't, then it is a pear-shaped tropical fruit which has a crimson to purple color and it fights cancer.

Have you heard of the mangosteen fruit? If you haven’t, then it is a pear-shaped tropical fruit which has a crimson to purple color when it is ripe. You can discover this fruit growing on an evergreen treat originating from Southeast Asia, and people there call it with the names fruit of the gods and queen of fruits.

The restriction is removed for mangosteen in USA!

This tropical fruit was banned from U.S.A up until October 2007 since is was thought that it can bring Asian fruit flies. It is no longer prohibited, so the medical fruit can be consumed by everybody and can get the benefits it provides.

It is a great source of vitamin C, required minerals and vitamins, and phytochemicals that can help in increasing the body immune system, lower the inflammation and fight cancer as well.

You have never tried mangosteen? Read the health…

Most Women Miss These 3 Early Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Maybe it sounds a bit scary, but in most cases, women with early cervical cancer and pre-cancer don’t experience any symptoms, until the cancer grows and becomes more serious.

Symptoms occur when the cancer grows into a nearby tissue.

It is extremely important to make Pap screenings regularly, so you will be able to detect and treat cervical cancer, and other reproductive cancer like ovarian cancer, before they spread and worsen your condition.

The Pap test can locate abnormal cells in the cervix which are then monitored and treated if necessary.

However, there are other early signs of cervical cancer. So, keep reading, and find out more!

1. Irregular Bleeding
Irregular vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. It can occur in between menstrual periods or after s3x. It might be disguised as spotting, showing as a slight blood-streaked discharge.

Menstrual bleeding can also last longer than usual and become heavier. If vaginal bleeding occurs in post-menopausal women…

What She Spreads On Her Skin, Everyone Has At Home – But Nobody Uses It

Most of the people would usually throw out the remaining of the coffee on the bottom of the cup. You will not do it if you know all the benefits that the coffee remaining has.Coffee is considered as the most popular drink, after the water.

So, after drinking the coffee you need to dry the remaining of it, either onto backing paper heating in the oven or simply naturally drying it on a flat plat. This coffee ground can be used for many purposes at home and as a remedy. We offer you 13 ways of reusing it.

Remedy for cellulite
One of the main components contained in all anti-cellulite products is caffeine. Coffee grounds can be combined with the some cheaper oils and save your budget.

Get rid of the bags under the eyes

Coffee grounds, mixed with the oil have a property to restore the skin, so it can be used for bags under the eyes.

Neutralizing odors
Instead of using baking soda or other means for the odors in the fridge, you can put a cup of coffee grounds, which has almost the same effec…

Triple Your Weight Loss Result By Drinking This Cumin Seed Tea Every Morning

There are many spices that can be added to your diet that can help with weight loss. More and more researches are showing that cumin seeds and powder can help to jumpstart weight loss, melt away body fat, and naturally improve on cholesterol levels.

Cumin originally grows in Egypt, but it’s been used for cooking and healing in India and the Middle East for generations. Its seeds are long and brown, and they have a wonderful flavour! You can buy ground cumin almost anywhere, but even better are the whole seeds.

Health benefits of cumin seeds include:

— Speed up metabolism. One of the most notable weight loss characteristics of cumin seeds, according to scientific research, is that cumin can help your body to digest and absorb lipids (fats) efficiently. As you exercise and choose to eat healthy foods, cumin can maximize on those positive life changes.

— Suppress appetite. Some researchers recommend eating cumin as part of a weight loss plan, based on a …

5 Herbs That Anyone With High Blood Pressure Needs To Know About

The prevalence of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is constantly on the rise all across the world.  In the U.S alone, it currently affects 70 million adult, which is one in every three adults.  It is also worth mentioning that about a third of American citizens have prehypertension, a condition which is characterized by high blood pressure, but not yet HBP. This disease costs the USA $46 billion annually, including the cost of medications, treatment, and health care services.

What is High Blood Pressure?
High blood pressure is a term referring to an increased pressure of blood in the arteries, which may be caused by two major factors:
The heart pumps blood too forcefullyThe body`s smaller blood vessels became narrow, which causes the blood to exert more pressure Blood pressure is measured by the amount of force that the heart pumps through the body.  The pressure can be measured by the amount of force used, the volume of the pumped blood, and the size and flexibility of …

Say Goodbye To Stretch Marks Completely Naturally

Stretch marks are unattractive and nobody wants them on their body. This is a very painful subject for women, who have to deal with them post-delivery and want to get rid of them. Also, they can appear to people who’ve lost or gained a lot of weight, as a reminder of the past. One thing is for sure, they’re annoying and very difficult to eliminate.

Stretch marks can appear on the arms, the abdominal area, the thighs, and are not an attractive sight. People who have this problem believe they’re impossible to get rid of or that the methods of their removal are expensive.

However, there are some natural remedies for stretch marks removal which are cheap and 100% natural.

White Sugar
It has exfoliator properties and its help the skin get smoother. White sugar can do miracles for your skin and eliminate stretch marks. For best results, mix lemon juice, white sugar, and almond oil until it dissolves. Rub the mixture on your stretch marks for about 10 minutes every day before you take a bath. …