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12 Tips On How to Prevent Blood Clots That Can Save Your Life

If you have the habit of sitting in front of the T.V or computer for hours, the risk of the formation of blood clots can be life-threatening. It is the same for those who sit at a desk job working for hours without moving around. This can lead to several problems like varicose veins, feet and leg swelling and blood clots. You can face extreme complications if these clots travel are formed in your hearts and lungs.

If we follow a proper diet and eat the right stuff and perform some daily activities as well as wear clothes which will keep us comfortable, the chances of blood clot ruining our health decreases significantly. This article will provide you 12 tips which will prevent the formation of severe blood clots which can be crucial to our health.

Wear loose-fitting clothing
You should avoid clothes which are tight fitting as it will prevent a healthy circulation of blood in the body. Blood clots can also be formed in your legs, so if you wear skinny jeans it can prevent circulation in…

Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Do you ever have pain in your knees, hips, hands, or other joints, and you don’t know why? This can be a sign of arthritis, which can happen in many ways.

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis. Arthritis is when one or more joints become swollen. You may see other signs of arthritis, like redness and swelling around the joints, together with the pain.

It might also be hard to move the body parts that are hurt, and they may be stiff.

A doctor can give you medicine to treat arthritis, and you can find some over-the-counter medications to help with pain. But lots of people feel a bit better from keeping moving and by using some of these simple, natural cures.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous.

For this reason it is great for lessening pain in the joints. It also keeps toxins from building up in the joints and connective tissues.
Take one cup of warm water.Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and…

Do You Have Warts? We Have The Remedy You Need To Eliminate Them In 5 Days

Did you look in the mirror today and find that you had warts on your neck? We imagine your face of disgust. No one likes to have this skin condition that is unattractive and often bothersome and painful.

But how did the wart originate? The causes that cause the appearance of warts can be varied: obesity, a genetic predisposition and even diabetes can cause the appearance of these harmless skin conditions but that we should definitely eliminate.

They also usually appear during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes that occur in the body.

Usually they appear in the adult age and in very specific zones where the pink skin with the own skin, like for example, the armpits, the English, the neck, the chest and the eyelids.

The methods that dermatologists use to remove warts can be painful and costly and that is why today we want to help you eliminate these annoying warts from your skin in an economical, simple and effective way.

You’re just going to need some apple cider vinegar, some c…

5 Most Effective Home Remedies For Blackheads

Also referred to as comedones, the blackheads are small bumps with either black or yellowish color. Even though this skin problem is common in all generations of people, teenagers are the most affected.

The cause for blackheads is mainly the development of clog in and around hair follicles` opening. The clogging is usually accompanied by the proportion of sebum, dead cells, and dirt. However, it isn’t dirt that makes the bumps gain a darker appearance. Basically, the oxidization that occurs due to the exposition of pores to air leads to the development of blackheads.

Over-the-counter products are not always the best solution to this skin issue. There are many home remedies that work even better. In addition, they are very cheap and affordable because they require ingredients which are present in every kitchen.

List of 5 Most Effective Home Remedies for Blackheads

1. Oatmeal Facial Mask
The oatmeal facial mask is one of the best ways of eliminating those annoying blackheads. It is the …

A Dentist Friend Told Me How To Eliminate Tartar, Gingivitis And Whiten My Teeth In 4 Steps With This Homemade Recipe

Our health is very important to keep us healthy, beyond aesthetics, personal health is important if we do not want toxins and bacteria to invade our body, and be a key to personal health.

One of the parts that we should have more hygiene is certainly our mouth, it is important to remember that the way our body receives the necessary vitamins and minerals is through food.

Everything that comes through the mouth will have contact with your body, an example: cavities or tartar should not exist, today we will tell you a wonderful remedy for tartar, you eliminate it from the root and you will not worry about this problem.


The best remedy against the terrible tartar:

-1 tablespoon baking soda

-½ teaspoon salt

– ½ cup hydrogen peroxide

-Antiseptic mouthwash

-Warm water


The first is to take a cup and mix a spoonful of baking soda with half a tablespoon of salt.

Once both are mixed, moisten the toothbrush with the warm water and immerse it …

4 Early Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer That Every Woman Needs To Know

There is not any doubt that cancer is the leading cause of death, speaking for the entire world population. Statistics show that cancer is responsible for 30% of all deaths in Canada, definitely more than any other disease or cause.

To be more specific, the Canadian and American Cancer Societies estimate that there are 2800 new cases of ovarian cancer and 1750 deaths only in Canada, 22,280 new cases and 14,240 deaths in the United States in 2016.

What is Ovarian Cancer?
The cells of the ovaries can develop tumors that become malignant which in turn leads to the development of ovarian cancer.

This type of cancer is regarded as the silent killer because of a constant lack of symptoms and having difficulty to detect it.

Even though it usually occurs in post-menopausal women, nowadays there are more cases showing increased prevalence in women between 30 and 40 years, or even younger.

According to a study in the UK, the early detection of cancer can significantly increase your chance of sur…

The Most Powerful Drink For Regulation Of Blood Sugar And Removal Of Abdominal Fat

In this article we will show you how to create the most powerful local drink against diabetes! Yes, and trust me – you will be surprised by the results! This local drink is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple directions.

½ cup of aloe vera1 cup pineapple1 cup fresh celery1 cup grapefruit juice2 teaspoon of linseedparsley (handful)How to make it:

Just put all the ingredients above in a blender! You can drink it immediately, or you can keep in the fridge and drink later! Make sure the juice you drink at least 3 times a week!

Do Your Legs Cramp At Night Here is How to Stop it From Happening Ever Again

As many of us, you’ve probably experienced cramps in your legs, despite your age and sex, however people over the 50s are mostly affected.

Leg cramps at night, or nocturnal leg cramps, are actually two phrases about the pain you feel in the calf or the feet and things, which can remain for a few seconds or minutes, normally at night.

As soon as the awful pain is gone, your muscles are still not totally relaxed and feel a little painful throughout the whole night or even the next day.

This event sometimes can be mixed with the restless leg syndrome (RSL), although the single connection between them is the fact that they both happen through the night. But, they are different in numerous ways, such as:

In the case of RLS, if you move your leg you will instantly feel a relief, but in the case of leg cramps, if you start to move the leg you will feel pain, hence you need to stretch it
In the case of RLS, you want to move your leg, however you avoid moving in the case of leg cramps

You Only Need 2 Ingredients To Keep Your Skin Free Of Wrinkles

Expensive cosmetic products are not a guarantee that your skin will be soft and wrinkle-free. Sometimes you can find more effective solutions in your kitchen. For example, the famous Indian actress and singer, Priyanka Chopra, uses only natural remedies.

In this article, we will show you her easy and simple beauty routine that helps her have bright and wrinkle-free skin. She uses natural ingredients, which are good and suitable for all skin types.

Hair:  Her hair is always shiny and bright. Her secret is hot oil massage. That is something she does every day, on a regular basis.

This DIY hair treatment is very beneficial for improving the hair quality and controlling hair loss or hair damage. She massages the scalp with hot oil 3 times per week.

Skin:  The most important thing about radiant and healthy skin is hydration. Remember to wash your face before you got to sleep. Also, she uses a homemade face mask, and it contains only 1 ingredients – 2 tbsps. lemon juice, for exfoliation and…

Oncologists Accidental Discovery —The Juice That Kills Cancer In 48 Hours!

Recently, a group of Canadian scientists discovered that there’s an effective herb that can kill cancer naturally and without side-effects in just 2 days! Terrific news come from the University of Windsor, where scientists have been examining the effects of dandelion against cancer since 2009. The project started when one oncologist discovered a relation between dandelion root tea and lower risk of cancer.

Pamela Ovadje is a post-doctoral candidate at the University who found the benefits of the root. “One oncologist who worked with us, told us the unbelievable improvement in a patient’s daily drinking tea from dandelion root. We immediately began to investigate this tea to see how other patients respond to it, however we were pretty skeptical. I thought that dandelion grows all over, and if at all there is something great in it, people would have long ago found,” she remembers.

“Since we began this project, we were able to get out of dandelion root extract and use it to many types of…

Brazilian Diet – Lose 12 kg in 1 Month

Brazilian diet is one of the most popular diet promising loss of even 10 kg for 2 weeks!

This diet exists in two variants: fast and normal. Here we present you the normal version because the fast version is very poor in nutrients and has a negative effect on your health, so it is not recommended.

The ingredients are mainly fruits and vegetables, it has 4-5 meals per day. Of course with certain disclaimers and great persistence you can reach the goal..

Diet plan for 7 days


Breakfast: 1 orange, 1 banana and 1 cup orange juice

Snack: 1 cup orange juice 1 slice toast

Lunch: 100 g boiled fish, 100 grams of salad with fresh vegetables

Dinner: Same as lunch

Before going to bed: 1 cup orange juice, 1 small piece of toast.


Breakfast: 1 soft-boiled egg, 1 cup apple juice

Snack: 1 small piece of toast, 1 cup apple juice

Lunch: 100 grams of cooked meat, 2 boiled potatoes, 4 lettuce leaves

Dinner: 200 grams boiled fish, 1 hard boiled egg, lettuce, peas (fresh or canned)

Before going to bed:…