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6 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Water Retention

Water retention or fluid retention, is the accumulation of excess body fluid in certain areas of the body. It is, in the worse cases, quite the unsightly looking condition.

In milder condition, it can cause someone to look obese despite not being overweight. It can also cause pressure fluctuations and in the worst of cases, even a coma.

The clearest symptoms of water retention are easy to notice: swelling of joints, lethargy and a general stiffness in the body.

In the worst of cases, the excess tissue fluid has to be drained out, using minor surgical methods. This would not only be painful but costly too.

Hence, we have brought you six easy-to-do homemade remedies to help ease fluid retention.

1. Parsley
The fresh herb that lights up the Italian food you cook is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Brewing a weak tea out of it can help you ease out your aching joints and drain the tissue fluid that has accumulated in them.

2. Dandelion
The pretty weed from the Samsung galaxy comme…

Natural And Effective Home Remedies For Back Ache

Having back ache is very common especially with adults who spend most of their time working all day. Sitting in front of the computer for 6 to 8 hours a day, field work, standing all day, and other strenuous activities at work can cause back ache. Weightlifting and other exercises at the gym can also cause sore muscles in some body parts including the back area. Other causes could be pregnancy, stress, depression, over fatigue and others.

pain in the lower back area, upper back area, or sometimes both
sometimes the pain could go down the buttock area and even on the upper legs
if accompanied by fever and other symptoms aside from back pain, consult a physician immediately.

Symptoms depend if the condition is mild or severe.

When back problems arise it limits our body movement and makes us feel weak. In times like this, we cannot afford losing a day at work so we sort to over-the-counter medicines for immediate relief. This becomes a pattern and we become fully dependent to OT…