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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday

It is sad but true that many of the best tasting foods are the worst for us. That’s because they are artificially constructed to ramp up the flavors we naturally crave – sugar and salt – to levels never found in nature. In other cases, it is the growing or packaging processes that cut corners and put consumers’ health at risk.

Don’t let the mega-food producers of the world play around with your family’s safety! Check out our list of 15 cancer causing foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation.

Microwave popcorn
Popcorn in general is a relatively healthy snack, so it’s really too bad that the most convenient way of popping it actually makes it extremely unhealthy. The reason is that those microwave bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

Many studies have revealed that consuming PFOA can cause cancers of the kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, and testicles.

You already know that soda in general is not the healthiest due to shockingly high levels of…

How To Use Lemon Juice on The Face

The high amount of vitamin C in lemon juice makes an effective and safe skincare remedy. Lemon juice also helps oily skin because of its astringent properties. You can take advantage of this natural remedy to treat acne and skin redness as well as brighten your skin tone.

How To Use Lemon Juice on The Face


1. Drink honey and lemon juice to cleanse your skin from the inside out. It also helps to reduce weight.

2. Rub lemon juice directly on your face to cleanse it in the morning or at night. Dilute it with some water if you have sensitive skin. Mix it with some aloe vera to soothe and heal your skin.

3. Use lemon juice on pimples to reduce the amount of skin oil and shrink the blemish. It also reduces the redness from breakouts. Apply on acne scars to speed healing.

4. Use lemon juice mixed with water to help your skin's chemical balance if you have oily skin. It tones the pores of the skin and dissolves the oil. Use at night to diminish blackheads and open pores that may be clogged. Just keep it away from your eyes because its acidic nature will burn.