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Best Health Tricks Provided By Honey And Garlic

The increasing consumerism has made us victims to unnecessary health defaults in an inevitable way. People take recourse to several health-related tips and tricks with the simple motive to live a bit longer and healthier. There is hardly any man on earth who would want to be diagnosed with major deficiencies.

Considering the increasing demand, lesser supply, and increasing the price of medicines, it is best to be safe than sorry. Homemade remedies passed down through generations are not simply stories. They are intrinsically valuable and help the body to function efficiently.  With a hundred percent natural guarantee, one hardly needs to bother about its side-effects.

This article would try to focus on the health benefits provided by our kitchen essentials, garlic, and honey. Doctors and nutritionists recommend the consumption of raw garlic every day in order to get rid of several ailments. Honey, as usual, has anti-cold benefits. Consuming garlic and honey increases the body’s metabo…

Boost Your Kidney Health With Only Half A Cup Of This Drink

When you eat food which has a high toxic level or when you fall sick, the huge strain is on your kidneys. So, if you want to keep your kidney health the one thing you can do is to take care of your body with healthy food.

Boost Your Kidney Health With Only Half A Cup Of This Drink

Kidney stone cases are growing rapidly across the world. The kidney stone is the formation of the solid piece of material of the substances which are generally present in your urine. The high level of oxalate, calcium, and phosphorus in your urine can lead to kidney stones.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the best way to prevent the formation of kidney stone. So, keep in mind that you have to keep your body hydrated all the time.

The ample amount of water intake helps to keep the urine diluted. This will avoid the formation of stone in the kidney due to solidification of waste products.

How Does Citric Acid Protect Against Kidney Stones?
When it comes to preventing of kidney stone, citric acid is an effective tool. It inhibits the formation of stone and breaks the stone into small pieces at the beginning of the process. The increase in the amount of citric acid in your urine which helps you to stay protected from the formation of kidney stones in your body.

Citric acid makes it difficult to the waste material to come together and form a big stone in the kidney. It also prevents other materials to get attached with the small stones and create a problematic big stone in the kidney.

In the traditional medicine often potassium citrate is prescribed for the kidney stone treatment. The conventional method of treating kidney stone is quite expensive and you might need to consume 12 tablets in a day. Thus, you can move to the natural method of treating kidney stone using lemons which are the rich source of citric acid.

Boost Your Kidney Health With Only Half A Cup Of This Drink

You can make this healthy drink at home to get rid of kidney stone quickly.

Things you need
  • Lemon juice- ½ cup
  • Water- 6 ounces
  1. Take a 1-2 fresh lemon and squeeze out a ½ cup of fresh lemon juice.
  2. Now, add 6 ounces of water to it in order to dilute the lemon juice.
  3. Stir it well and drink the solution twice a day.
  4. You have to maintain a goal of consumption of 4 ounces of lemon juice per day.
  5. Note- if you have any allergy of lemon or any other specific health condition other than kidney stone then consult the healthcare provider before you start this treatment.
Isn’t it the simplest way to break down the kidney stone naturally? Indeed it is! Try this remedy every day for 1-2 months and you will get relief from the kidney stone.