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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

You are likely aware that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise?

Or that certain ingredients found in virtually all packaged foods present a serious health risk?

By being an informed consumer, we can help influence for good the types of products that end up on our grocery shelves, and enjoy better health to boot.

Read on to discover 15 very common foods known to increase cancer risk, along with some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda
Not only is soda jampacked with sugar – cancer’s fuel of choice – but it often also contains caramel color. This artificial coloring has the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI as a byproduct. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI shows up in sodas with caramel color.

Alternatives – Water is always best, but if you really crave the sweet, bubbly hit of soda, choose a natural brand without caramel color.

2. Grilled red meat
While a nice char on that steak may taste good, the …

Aloe Vera Juice – Home Remedy for Heartburn

Aloe Vera is among the many xerophytic plants found in the tropical countries. It has been used therapeutically over decades, tracing back to the Mesopotamian era. It can be applied directly on the skin or taken orally. Most of its components are used in beauty products, fragrances and balms. When the leaves are broken, they secrete aloe vera gel, which is a widely known for treating minor wounds and burns. 
Aloe Vera Juice – Home Remedy for Heartburn

Benefits of aloe vera include boosting digestion, lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing inflammation. The former property is the main reason why it is used to relieve heartburns. 

How to Consume Aloe Vera for Heartburn
Aloe vera supplements are available in powder, softgel, capsule, gel, and juice form. However, using the gel and the juice are the most ideal in treating acid reflux. This is because they directly affect the oesophagus, thereby reducing irritation and boosting the healing of the gut lining. As a precaution, you should make sure to purchase aloe vera with no laxatives as they lessen the side effects. The powder, juice, and gel can be mixed with water to enable easier swallowing.

Before taking aloe vera, ensure you seek medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist as different companies have varying dosage. It can be taken before meals to prevent or relieve acid reflux. If you do experience any side effects, consult your doctor and consider changing your dosage. Beware of the warnings before taking aloe vera orally.

If including aloe vera juice to your heartburn regimen is one of your options, it is important that you seek advice from your doctor. This will help you decide if it is the best choice you have. In addition, keep in mind that; pregnant women are discouraged from using aloe vera juice, only purified and decolorized aloe juice is for consumption and only start with a teaspoon on the first day to establish is there are any side effects.