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The Best 10 Natural Foods For Clean Arteries And Safe Heart

The most seen health problem is heart issues, worldwide. This can be lethal and is caused by clogged arteries. Arteries bring oxygen and nutrients in the heart and body parts. When they are healthy and flexible, blood flows fast and healthy in them.

The Best 10 Natural Foods For Clean Arteries And Safe Heart

With time, fat and cholesterol and even cell waste piles in walls of arteries. So blood flow is worse and arteries get clogged. They also turn narrow and lead to angina, attack, diseases or stroke.

Clogged arteries are not overnight! Long time of bad diet, malnutrition makes this. Processed foods, chemicals, toxins, saturated fats all make adrenal plaque. But, some foods might clean the arteries.

These 10 foods must be eaten daily for the health. and they clean arteries, keep heart safe too.

They have soluble fiber and stop bad cholesterol. The soluble fiber removes toxins and oats stop plaque too. Have them daily, have 1 and ½ or 2 cups cooked oats daily.

Cranberry juice
They have potassium for more good and less bad cholesterol. Have it daily to work up the fats better and have energy. Also this juice stops fat deposits in  blood vessels. Have 3 cups daily.

The phytochemicals are like antioxidants. This means clean arteries and less damage. This juice will make more nitric oxide for clean arteries.

Olive oil
This natural item stops bad cholesterol and has monounsaturated fats, really healthy for us. This oil sticks to arteries and oxidizes so use it moderately in salads.

The healthiest food ever. It reduces hypertension and stops heart issues. Also it stops coronary artery calcification which is serious. And opt for raw, not cooked garlic

This leafy veggie has folic acid, lutein and potassium. The folate and potassium stop hypertension and clean bad cholesterol, thus you have less risk of an attack. The lutein stops macular degeneration and try to eat spinach salads, smoothies, omelets…

It removes inflammation and hardening of arteries. Curcuma the active item here stops fat deposits and cleans arteries.

Watermelon and kiwi
Kiwi has antioxidants that remove bad cholesterol. Water melon has water, and is good for a diet. It has also amino acids for lowering pressure and cleaning vessels. Have these daily.

They have resveratrol, flavonoids, and quercetin too that stop oxidation from cholesterol. This oxidation makes plaque, but grapes also stop risk of blood clots and such.

Tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring all have omega 3 fats. These fats are crucial for removal of fat deposits. Also, fish 2 times per week means less heart issues, less triglycerides  and more good cholesterol.