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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday

It is sad but true that many of the best tasting foods are the worst for us. That’s because they are artificially constructed to ramp up the flavors we naturally crave – sugar and salt – to levels never found in nature. In other cases, it is the growing or packaging processes that cut corners and put consumers’ health at risk.

Don’t let the mega-food producers of the world play around with your family’s safety! Check out our list of 15 cancer causing foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation.

Microwave popcorn
Popcorn in general is a relatively healthy snack, so it’s really too bad that the most convenient way of popping it actually makes it extremely unhealthy. The reason is that those microwave bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

Many studies have revealed that consuming PFOA can cause cancers of the kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, and testicles.

You already know that soda in general is not the healthiest due to shockingly high levels of…

Start Eating Papaya Seeds – They Cure The Gut, Kidneys, Liver And More

Do you need a fruit that tastes good, but is healthy too? then consider the papaya! This fruit has vitamins and minerals; fiber, calcium, iron, thiamine, niacin, papain and phosphorus too. Also the minerals of it boost immunity and digestion.

Still, you might not know this but the seed of this fruit is really healthy and has these benefits:

Kidney health
Stop renal failure by eating the seeds.

Healthy liver
The liver can be cleansed this way. Grind 6 seeds in juice, smoothie or other and repeat this daily for a month.

Killing cancer cells
The seeds have isothiocyanate that can treat colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer, but leukemia too.

The seeds kill bacteria, fungi and viruses so they can cure staph, e. coli, salmonella, dengue and typhoid.

No parasites
The seeds have carpaine, alkaloid type that removes worms and parasites in the intestines. So, you get better protein metabolism and the gut is strong against the parasites.

Better digestion
Rich in papain, the seeds with this enzyme break down proteins easily.

Natural contraception
Men, you can lower the sperm count with these seeds, but they won’t affect the libido.

Eat the seeds raw or even better, ground.