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11 Signs You Are About To Have a Heart Attack

Heart disease is either the number 1 or number 2 killer of Americans. Heart attacks present themselves differently in each person and even between the sexes.

However, there are enough common symptoms that if you experience one or two of these symptoms suddenly, you may want to either call 911 or visit the ER.

Risks include age (over 65), sex (male), family history, race (African descent), smoking, obesity and diet, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, alcohol consumption, and stress.

You don’t have to have risk factors to have a heart attack, so be aware of symptoms!

11. Chest Pain
Both men and women tend to experience chest pain. In general, chest pain may be pain or may feel like pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

The pain often comes and goes and will last a few minutes. It may occur over several days. People describe the pain differently. Men describe it as an elephant sitting on you; women as a squeezing or feeling of fullness.

Chest pain occurs when your heart is not getting enough…

Solve All Your Skin Problems With This Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

Your face is definitely one of the most important things for the overall impression you leave on other people. For this reason, you are completely right to be concerned about your facial skin care.

Your facial skin care does not only include the use of effective skin products but a continuous care and healthy lifestyle habits.

Solve All Your Skin Problems With This Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

However, some factors can affect the beauty of your skin such as acne, scars, wrinkles, sun spots, pimples, fine lines and age spots.

When it comes to treating these skin problems, most people undergo expensive treatments, use expensive commercial products which are often ineffective and loaded with dangerous chemicals.

In this article, we are going to give you a recipe of a simple and natural miracle that will cleanse, refresh and rejuvenate your face in a completely safe and inexpensive way. Also, it will eliminate all the acne and stains, and your face will look perfect.

The ingredients you need are already in your kitchen so make this mask in the very moment. You will be amazed by the results!

Magical Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

You need the following ingredients:
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • ½ lemon
  • Honey
In half a glass of water add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Slowly add some baking soda to the mixture of vinegar and water. Then, add the lemon juice and mix all of the ingredients well until you get a fine mixture.

First of all, wash your face to open your pores and clean all the makeup. Dry the skin with a soft cloth.

Slowly apply the mask on your face and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water to clean the mask and again with cold water to close the pores.

Your skin will get a healthy glow in a very short period of time.