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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

You are likely aware that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise?

Or that certain ingredients found in virtually all packaged foods present a serious health risk?

By being an informed consumer, we can help influence for good the types of products that end up on our grocery shelves, and enjoy better health to boot.

Read on to discover 15 very common foods known to increase cancer risk, along with some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda
Not only is soda jampacked with sugar – cancer’s fuel of choice – but it often also contains caramel color. This artificial coloring has the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI as a byproduct. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI shows up in sodas with caramel color.

Alternatives – Water is always best, but if you really crave the sweet, bubbly hit of soda, choose a natural brand without caramel color.

2. Grilled red meat
While a nice char on that steak may taste good, the …

Skin Whitening Home Remedy 100% Effective / Remove Tan Instantly

Dark and dry skin can be caused by overexposure to the sun, a medical condition, environmental pollution, dry skin, bad lifestyle choices, stress, and prolonged use of chemical cosmetic products.

Skin Whitening Home Remedy 100% Effective / Remove Tan Instantly

Many people work hard to get a bright, clear and flawless skin. The stores and the market are flooded with skin-lightening lotions and creams. But these products have harmful and toxic chemicals that can eventually damage your skin. Also, the products are expensive.

You can save yourself some money and time by using natural remedies that will effectively lighten and brighten your skin complexion.

For this remedy you will need:

This is a two steps process that can give you instant results

Part 1- Scrubbing

In a medium-sized bowl take one and half tsp sugar

Then, add 1 tsp sandalwood powder

Mix well

Next, take a tomato slice, dip it in this mixture

With this tomato slice scrub your feet for about 5-10 minutes. Press the tomato so tomato juice come out

Rinse it off and let it dry

Part 2 – Apply whitening pack

Peel off one medium-sized potato and grate it

Press it to take out the potato juice

In a bowl take two spoons rice flour

Add four spoons potato juice and one spoon natural honey

Add three spoons lemon juice

Mix well

Apply layer of this incredible paste on your feet

Leave it for about 30 minutes

After that massage for about 5 minutes

Wash it off with lukewarm water