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Best Health Tricks Provided By Honey And Garlic

The increasing consumerism has made us victims to unnecessary health defaults in an inevitable way. People take recourse to several health-related tips and tricks with the simple motive to live a bit longer and healthier. There is hardly any man on earth who would want to be diagnosed with major deficiencies.

Considering the increasing demand, lesser supply, and increasing the price of medicines, it is best to be safe than sorry. Homemade remedies passed down through generations are not simply stories. They are intrinsically valuable and help the body to function efficiently.  With a hundred percent natural guarantee, one hardly needs to bother about its side-effects.

This article would try to focus on the health benefits provided by our kitchen essentials, garlic, and honey. Doctors and nutritionists recommend the consumption of raw garlic every day in order to get rid of several ailments. Honey, as usual, has anti-cold benefits. Consuming garlic and honey increases the body’s metabo…

Recipe From Russia That Dissolve Thrombus: Salvation To All Who Suffer From Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a problem that afflicts both men and women. They are not only annoyed by an aesthetic question, suffering varicose veins gives heaviness, fatigue and pain to the legs. Even the affected area can become feverish. When the weather is very humid and hot, the symptoms worsen.

Recipe From Russia That Dissolve Thrombus: Salvation To All Who Suffer From Varicose Veins

There are many treatments that promise the definitive cure of varicose veins, however, most of them are very expensive and invasive. Others, the less invasive, have transient results. Over time, the discomforts arise again.

Treating varicose veins in time prevents the development of phlebitis. Phlebitis is called total obstruction of a vein. This disease is a consequence of the existence of a blood clot lodged in the vein. If the clot is directed into the pulmonary circulation, it causes a pulmonary embolism. Hence the importance of treating varicose veins before they result in more serious situations.

Today we propose a treatment, against varicose veins, economic and natural. You’ll only need green or red tomatoes, the ones you get first. This remedy is very popular and has traveled from generation to generation to get our hands on.

All properties of the tomato are very well known and how beneficial it is for our health. However, you may not know its uses in the treatment of varicose veins. In this case, the healing properties derive from their seeds: they contain an acidic substance that acts similarly to aspirins. They are anticoagulants and liquefy the blood. In addition, the flavonoids that own the tomatoes, help to strengthen the blood vessels.

We bring you two very effective proposals, one with green tomatoes and the other with red tomatoes.

With Green Tomatoes:
  • Wash, very well, several green tomatoes. They are ripe tomatoes but their color is green.
  • Cut them into slices of about 0.5 cm.
  • Rub the slices of the tomatoes on the varicose veins and on the “spiders” (capillary network that has a spider form).
  • You can bandage the area to keep the tomato slices in position.
  • After a while, you’ll start tingling.” Then the veins will begin to burn slightly, then remove the bandages.
  • Rinse the area with cold water.
  • Repeat this treatment five times a day. After two weeks, you will notice the results in your body. It will relieve the burning sensation, the swelling and, little by little, the varicose veins will disappear.

With Red Tomatoes:

Unlike the previous treatment, this is done throughout the night.
  • Before going to sleep, wash some tomatoes and cut them into slices, as explained in the previous treatment.
  • Collect them on the varices and fasten with bandages.
  • You should let the slices work for 4 hours.
  • After this time, you must change the slices and replace them with new ones. Once this is done, let it act again for 4 hours and so on until you have to get up.
  • Do this treatment every night.
Some advices:

— Remember that if you want the symptoms to diminish, it is necessary to accompany these, and any other treatment, with a healthy and balanced diet.

— Eat foods rich in Omega3 and Omega6: These essential oils are not produced by the body, so add them to your diet. Omega3 helps the flexibility of the veins and is anti-inflammatory. Omega6 prevents heart disease, lowers blood pressure and prevents blood clots. The food they have are: sardines, anchovies, cod, seafood, nuts, sunflower oil and sesame seeds.

— Consume selenium: It is an antioxidant that prevents hardening of body tissues and keeps elastic vascular walls. It is found in nuts, cucumbers, mushrooms, eggs and brewer’s yeast.

— Foods with vitamin E: Vitamin E improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood, while preventing and diluting blood clots. It is in dairy, white meats, nuts, asparagus, parsley, pumpkins, tomatoes, whole grain olives and kiwis.