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11 Signs You Are About To Have a Heart Attack

Heart disease is either the number 1 or number 2 killer of Americans. Heart attacks present themselves differently in each person and even between the sexes.

However, there are enough common symptoms that if you experience one or two of these symptoms suddenly, you may want to either call 911 or visit the ER.

Risks include age (over 65), sex (male), family history, race (African descent), smoking, obesity and diet, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, alcohol consumption, and stress.

You don’t have to have risk factors to have a heart attack, so be aware of symptoms!

11. Chest Pain
Both men and women tend to experience chest pain. In general, chest pain may be pain or may feel like pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

The pain often comes and goes and will last a few minutes. It may occur over several days. People describe the pain differently. Men describe it as an elephant sitting on you; women as a squeezing or feeling of fullness.

Chest pain occurs when your heart is not getting enough…

Lay Down With A Banana Peel On Your Forehead. You Must Try This Trick, It's Unbelievable

Headache is an uncomfortable pain that can affect any part of the head. To be more precise, headaches may occur on one, or on both sides of the head; and can be isolated on one particular location, or can affect the entire head. Moreover, they can develop gradually, or suddenly, without any expectation. Also, a headache can last from less than an hour, to a whole day, or sometimes even as much as several days.

Lay Down With A Banana Peel On Your Forehead

Probably, there’s no person on Earth who haven’t experienced a headache at one point in its life. Surely you know how terrible this pain can be. Since headaches can sometimes be unbearable, people often go for pain medications. However, there’s no need to use pharmaceutical drugs, which can sometimes have negative side effects for the human health. There’s always the option of natural treatments.

In this article, we show you one simple and completely natural solution, which will help you relieve the unbearable headache in an instant! This solution is actually one ingredient, which you have probably thrown in the thrush millions of times by now. We talk about banana peel. Yes, that’s right. Banana peel can help you stop the agonizing headache!


People who have tried this banana peel method say that it works every time, without any exceptions.

– What you need to do is take one banana peel and some ice. Next, put the ice inside the peel and stick it with a tape. Then, take the resulting ice banana and put it on your forehead. Lay down in a quit and dark place for about 20 minutes. Make sure to take a towel, to absorb the dripping water from the ice, once it starts to melt.

– This banana peel compress will do its magic and shortly after you’ll feel better. In fact, your headache will disappear almost instantly! Mainly because of the high potassium contents of the banana peel, which help soothe the pain.

– However, if you headache persists for more than 20 minutes, you can keep your banana compress a little longer, until the pain goes away.