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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday

It is sad but true that many of the best tasting foods are the worst for us. That’s because they are artificially constructed to ramp up the flavors we naturally crave – sugar and salt – to levels never found in nature. In other cases, it is the growing or packaging processes that cut corners and put consumers’ health at risk.

Don’t let the mega-food producers of the world play around with your family’s safety! Check out our list of 15 cancer causing foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation.

Microwave popcorn
Popcorn in general is a relatively healthy snack, so it’s really too bad that the most convenient way of popping it actually makes it extremely unhealthy. The reason is that those microwave bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

Many studies have revealed that consuming PFOA can cause cancers of the kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, and testicles.

You already know that soda in general is not the healthiest due to shockingly high levels of…

Drink This Prunes Juice Every Morning And The Fat From Your Stomach Will Be Gone In a Few Days

One of the greatest challenges we face in these modern times is to balance food with health and fitness, And as we know is not easy.

Obesity is already considered a disease in the world and is neither more nor less than excess fat in the body.
Drink This Prunes Juice Every Morning And The Fat From Your Stomach Will Be Gone In a Few Days

This accumulation of fat is not concentrated in one place but is evenly distributed throughout the body although there are sectors that seem to have a special magnet to attract it.

There are two different types of obesity and although they have medical names, we usually know them as an apple-shaped body or a pear-shaped body.

Drink This Prunes Juice Every Morning and The Fat From Your Stomach Will Be Gone In a Few Days

What is it about?
Android or apple-shaped obesity is characterized by concentrating adiposity in the abdomen, while gynoid obesity accumulates fat in the hip and leg area, emulating the shape of a pear.

But regardless of where the fat accumulates, it is important to note that it always becomes dangerous if we do not do something to eliminate it.
Laboratory tests have been done with rats fed carbohydrate and high fat foods to gain weight and develop health problems typical of obese people such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes and to apply this natural treatment based on Plum juice, the levels of danger were reduced drastically and satisfactorily.

Plum juice counteracted the effects of poor nutrition up to 5 times faster than any other remedy.

That is why we bring you this advice that we are sure will give you good results and contribute to improve your body and reduce the risks of major problems.

What does it consist of?

In a liter of water, place 100 grams of prunes.

Keep refrigerated for 1 week.

Over time, lick them, strain them and refreeze.

Drink 1 glass every morning before breakfast and you will notice incredible changes in abdominal fat until it slowly fades.