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11 Signs You Are About To Have a Heart Attack

Heart disease is either the number 1 or number 2 killer of Americans. Heart attacks present themselves differently in each person and even between the sexes.

However, there are enough common symptoms that if you experience one or two of these symptoms suddenly, you may want to either call 911 or visit the ER.

Risks include age (over 65), sex (male), family history, race (African descent), smoking, obesity and diet, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, alcohol consumption, and stress.

You don’t have to have risk factors to have a heart attack, so be aware of symptoms!

11. Chest Pain
Both men and women tend to experience chest pain. In general, chest pain may be pain or may feel like pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

The pain often comes and goes and will last a few minutes. It may occur over several days. People describe the pain differently. Men describe it as an elephant sitting on you; women as a squeezing or feeling of fullness.

Chest pain occurs when your heart is not getting enough…

23 Ways You Can Painlessly Cleanse Your Body

Contrary to popular belief, the terms “detox” and “cleanse” don’t refer to starvation and painful detox symptoms.  The truth is that incorporating a few simple detox plans help cleanse and nourish the body, without the adverse side effects.

23 Ways You Can Painlessly Cleanse Your Body

1. Water
Water is essential for every cell, organ, system, and function in the body. It is of utmost importance for the lymphatic system as it helps remove toxic matter. Insufficient water intake causes the body to become a stagnant puddle of water.

Aim at starting the day with a glass of lemon water and some baking soda. This combination will balance your pH levels and their antifungal and antibacterial properties will help flush out toxins from the bloodstream.

2. Meditation
Meditation promotes easier breathing and helps let go of negative thoughts and emotions.  You can take a few minutes to meditate, or up to 60- depending on your needs.  There are many different meditation aids online, such as Alpha Waves.

3. Juicing with dandelion greens
Juicing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to load the body with micronutrients and flush out the bad ones. Dandelions act as natural diuretic that helps the kidneys filter through excess salt and water.  They help cleanse the liver too, while supplying the system with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

4. Your Lymph System, Using Dry Brushing and Rebounding
Since the lymphatic system runs through the entire body, it is vital to cleaning out toxins and waste. Dry brushing, a process of running a brush in a circular motions across the skin, is one of the best ways to stimulate the flow of your lymph system.  For optimal results, incorporate rebounding to your daily routine, too.

5. Hydrotherapy
When taking a shower, alternate between a minute of hot water to half a minute of cold, totaling 3-5 minutes during the shower.  This type of therapy boosts circulation and lymphatic flow, which in turn also helps boost metabolism and immunity.

6. Workout
Since ancient times Chinese people were aware of the importance of physical postures and specific breathing techniques regarding their ability to stimulate energy flow and cleanse the body.  Taking as little as 10 minutes of your day to do a qi gong or similar exercise will help boost productivity and relieve anxiety.

7. Stretching
Stretching the body helps function at a top-notch level! You have probably noticed that your shoulders are hunched up after sitting at desk for an extended period of time.  Consequently, this may lead to serious problems.  The good news is that stretching is a good way to rejuvenate the body, increase circulation, and boost the release of toxic matter.

8. Bone Broth In The AM
Bone broth is a cheap, yet very nutritious addition to your daily diet. It is packed with minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and amino acids. It is known to boost immunity and enhance the function of your digestive system.  You can use bones from birds, fish, lamp, beef, or bison.

9. Turn Off the News
The news is a profitable industry like any other. Shocking and sad news sell more compared to happy ones.  Instead of spending time in front of the TV, cleanse your mind by taking a walk or spending some quality time with your loved ones. As odd as it seems, turning off the news will make drastic changes in your both physical and mental health.

10. Sound Therapy
Sound therapy is designed to help restore sensitivity, which often grows dull due to constant noise and disturbances.  When sensitivity grows dull, it starts to lower energy levels, increase irritability to sound, and contribute to certain health issues and ailments.

11. Listen to Uplifting Music
As mentioned above, negative frequencies from both media and the environment may lead to various health issues.  Listening to uplifting music is one of the most powerful ways to fight off this negativity.  So, find something you like to listen and do it as often as possible.

12. Pet Therapy
Pet therapy is a great way to relieve stress and cleanse your mind. Pets know when people are depressed and their affection has been found t calm thoughts, ease fatigue, and lower heart rates. As little as 10-15 minutes of cuddling with your pet makes sort of cleansing and has a notable effect on person`s emotional state.

13. Steam Therapy
Inhaling and exhaling through the sinuses is a good way to get rid of waste. When the sinuses are clogged, a thorough detox is needed so that they keep up processing properly. Steam therapy is one of the best and oldest ways to clear the sinuses, and it can be done with the help of a humidifier or simply through breathing the steam from a hot shower.

14. Herbs for Cleansing
Herbs like milk thistle, turmeric, garlic, peppermint, and borotutu bark are potent cleaners with an ability to restore our health.  Amazingly, herbs are extremely healing and for almost every human disease there is a healing counterpart.

15. Wake up and Don’t Eat
In the morning we are in the elimination mode in which the body is focused on cleansing and releasing toxic matter.  Waking up and having a heavy breakfast right away can have a negative impact on body`s elimination process.  So, instead of waffles or cereal, opt for a smoothie, green juice, or lemon water.

16. Oil Pulling
Oil pulling, or swishing a teaspoon of sesame or coconut oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes, pulls out toxic matter and debris from the mouth.  As the mouth is a common place in which bacteria and toxins accumulate, oil pulling will help cleanse the mouth, detoxify the body, improve the lymphatic system, and whiten the teeth.

17. Foam Rolling
Our lifestyle may often contribute to stiff muscles, mostly due to stress, a sedentary job, and poor posture. Foam rolling increases circulation and helps release toxic matter and lactic acid in muscle tissue. Consequently, this helps the body heal and remain balanced.

18. Aromatherapy
Many cultures use aromatherapy for rejuvenating and healing purposes, being fully aware of plant`s impact on one`s mental and physical health.  Simply rub peppermint oil in the hands and cup them around the face.

19. Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy is the act of breathing increased amount of oxygen. It is recommended to visit a professional who will measure the amount of oxygen you need.  Then, you`ll have to breathe it through a mask or go outside and practice some deep breathing techniques.  Spending 10-20 minutes in fresh air will do to the trick.

20. Vitamin D Therapy
Vitamin D deficiency is a very common issue in the United States and is known to contribute to a wide range of health issues.  Using vitamin D lamps and UVB tanning beds, spending time in the sun, or simply supplementing with vitamin D are all good ways to boost the levels of this vitamin in your body.

21. Infrared Heating Therapy
This therapy increases the surface temperature, helping activate many of the body`s functions.  When sweating in this type of sauna, the sweat will contain up to 17 percent toxins, compared to 3 percent you would sweat in the sun. Infrared heating therapy also boosts immunity and increases circulation.

22. Epsom Salt Bath
Epsom salt is packed with magnesium, a mineral that helps regulate more than 325 enzymes.  It is quite difficult to obtain on the standard American diet, so the fact that magnesium deficiency`s prevalence is constantly on the rise doesn’t come as surprise.  Soaking is Epsom salts is great way to boost magnesium levels and treat any connected symptoms.

23. Foot Massage
Did you know that the feet are some of the fastest receptors to energy and particles applied on the through oils and lotions? So, it`s no wonder that they are a key point of toxin buildup.  Regular foot massages loosens up these toxins and makes them easier to get rid of.