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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Have To Stop Eating

You are likely aware that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise?

Or that certain ingredients found in virtually all packaged foods present a serious health risk?

By being an informed consumer, we can help influence for good the types of products that end up on our grocery shelves, and enjoy better health to boot.

Read on to discover 15 very common foods known to increase cancer risk, along with some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda
Not only is soda jampacked with sugar – cancer’s fuel of choice – but it often also contains caramel color. This artificial coloring has the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI as a byproduct. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI shows up in sodas with caramel color.

Alternatives – Water is always best, but if you really crave the sweet, bubbly hit of soda, choose a natural brand without caramel color.

2. Grilled red meat
While a nice char on that steak may taste good, the …

How To Save A Person From Stroke Using Only A Needle?

The alternative method of saving a human life during a stroke is a method of a Chinese professor. He says that you should always keep a needle in your pocket.

How To Save A Person From Stroke Using Only A Needle?

When someone gets a stroke, the capillaries of the brain stretch. You need rest and an ambulance. These suggestions and tip will help you save someone’s life!

Stay calm! Don’t move the victim, because if you do that, the capillaries can burst and there will be bleeding in the brain! It would be perfect if you have a needle at home.

1. Hold the needle – over a candle, fire or a lighter to sterilize and then use it for picking the tops of the fingers.

2. No specific acupuncture is necessary; it should be a few millimeters from the nail.

3. Do this so that the blood can flow.

4. Start squeezing the blood to flow.

5. Do this on all 10 fingers and wait a few minutes – the victim will be back to life!

6. Massage their ears, so blood can come to them – if the victim’s mouth is distorted.

Wait until the victim comes to normal state without any abnormal symptoms, then send to the hospital. This method of a traditional Chinese medicine  is 100% effective.