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12 Tips On How to Prevent Blood Clots That Can Save Your Life

If you have the habit of sitting in front of the T.V or computer for hours, the risk of the formation of blood clots can be life-threatening. It is the same for those who sit at a desk job working for hours without moving around. This can lead to several problems like varicose veins, feet and leg swelling and blood clots. You can face extreme complications if these clots travel are formed in your hearts and lungs.

If we follow a proper diet and eat the right stuff and perform some daily activities as well as wear clothes which will keep us comfortable, the chances of blood clot ruining our health decreases significantly. This article will provide you 12 tips which will prevent the formation of severe blood clots which can be crucial to our health.

Wear loose-fitting clothing
You should avoid clothes which are tight fitting as it will prevent a healthy circulation of blood in the body. Blood clots can also be formed in your legs, so if you wear skinny jeans it can prevent circulation in…

How To Clean The Feet With Baking Soda

One of the many good things about taking care of your feet is that you don’t constantly need to go to a salon to keep their good condition.

How To Clean The Feet With Baking Soda

In this article we have a great method for you which you can do at your own home. If you keep doing this treatment on a regular basis, you will be surprised by the amazing results and also your feet will look amazing!

You just need follow the instructions below in order to achieve that:

Needed Ingredients:
  • 4-5 liters of water
  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda
First, dissolve the baking soda in hot water and soak your feet in the mixture for around 15-20 minutes. Then, you should scrub your feet with a pumice stone, apply a nourishing cream or Vaseline and put on some socks.

And you should start seeing some significant improvement, just after one treatment. You need to repeat this method on a daily basis, for 5-7 days then take a break for 1 week and repeat the procedure once again. You need to do a total of 3 treatments.