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11 Signs You Are About To Have a Heart Attack

Heart disease is either the number 1 or number 2 killer of Americans. Heart attacks present themselves differently in each person and even between the sexes.

However, there are enough common symptoms that if you experience one or two of these symptoms suddenly, you may want to either call 911 or visit the ER.

Risks include age (over 65), sex (male), family history, race (African descent), smoking, obesity and diet, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, alcohol consumption, and stress.

You don’t have to have risk factors to have a heart attack, so be aware of symptoms!

11. Chest Pain
Both men and women tend to experience chest pain. In general, chest pain may be pain or may feel like pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

The pain often comes and goes and will last a few minutes. It may occur over several days. People describe the pain differently. Men describe it as an elephant sitting on you; women as a squeezing or feeling of fullness.

Chest pain occurs when your heart is not getting enough…

Fat Flush Water Recipe

You may have had encountered the hype about “Fat Flush Water” But do you know how exactly it works– how does water drive out fats from your system?

Admittedly, water is not some kind of miracle solution or a magic supplement for all the dieters out there. Fact is, your body needs water to keep itself hydrated enough for you to function normally.

Fat Flush Water Recipe

Water is also needed to cleanse your body of toxins and any other unwanted materials. Fat deposits in the body are proven hard to eliminate but with the help of good nutrition and proper exercise, it can indeed be flushed out.

When it comes to the removal of fats out of your body, water serves as the primary vehicle in order for you to do so. The left over materials from the breakage of fats is filtered out of your system by the water that you ingest.

The water then carries these toxins to you bladder where it gets expelled out of your body through urination.

The entire body functions much like a welloiled machine where water serves as the lubricant. Make it a habit to consume about 810 glasses of water each day to ensure that your body can function at its best.

Below is a recipe for creating a highlyenergizing dose of fat flush water.

  • Water (2 liters).
  • Ginger (1 tsp, ; freshly grated).
  • Cucumber (1 pc. medium ; sliced).
  • Lemon (1 pc., sliced)
  • Spearmint leaves (12 pcs).
Mix in a pitcher before you hit the sack. Refrigerate and then drink throughout the entire next day. Consider using organic produce for your ingredients. If these are not available to you, make sure that you wash all the ingredients thoroughly before adding to the water.

Best served chilled. Enjoy.