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Here’s How To Easily Take Care of Strep Throat

What is Strep Throat?
Bacterial infections in the throat are colloquially known as strep throat. The strep in the term is short for Streptococcus, a bacterium that’s the most common culprit for these infections. Although not a life-threatening condition, strep throat can cause a number of problems. The usual symptoms are swelling, inflammation, and pain in the throat, sometimes accompanied by fever, coughing, sneezing.

Strep throat doesn’t “discriminate” – it affects children and adults equally. It usually starts with mild symptoms which progress and will get worse if left untreated. In general, doctors recommend antibiotics for the infection. They might work, but they’re not the healthiest solution. Plus, why should you pop pills when there are many natural remedies that can help in the case of strep throat?

Natural Remedies vs. Strep Throat
Natural medicine has been making a great comeback in recent years, mostly because antibiotics are ineffective nowadays. People have used natural …

Do Not Use Ginger if You’re on These Drugs

Is Ginger Really That Healthy?
Ginger, the plant we often use as a spice, has been used in natural medicine for centuries. Mainly used to relieve digestive problems, ginger was also a remedy for inflammatory diseases, coughs, and colds. Although it’s still in use today in the form of supplements, the best way to benefit from the incredible plant is to consume it raw.

Numerous studies have proven that ginger is as healthy as “advertised”. You can drink ginger tea to treat coughs and colds in the winter and support your immune system. It’s a great preventive measure against all kinds of infections and inflammatory diseases and is quite a cheap remedy as well.

But, although it can do wonders for our health, doctors don’t recommend ginger if you’re already on certain medications. Ginger can interact badly with blood thinners or diabetes medications, so it would be wise not to use it if you’re already on them.

Type 2 Diabetes Medications
Instead of taking diabetes drugs, why not try with gi…

Combine Honey, Bananas And Water To Eliminate Bronchitis And Cough

According to many doctors, it can be pretty hard to treat bronchitis and chronic coughs, but did you know that there are some natural remedies which can really help?

Today, we’re offering you one of the best natural remedies against this conditions. It uses an ingredient that is known to be extremely powerful and very helpful against bronchitis and coughs.

The remedy is a combo made of bananas and honey and can be used by adults, but also children, because the flavor it has is great! It actually tastes delicious!

This tasty beverage can treat even stomach problems besides bad coughs, bronchitis and sore throat.

Here’s the recipe with the process of preparation!

You need:
2 tablespoons of honey400 ml of boiling water2 medium ripe bananas (possibly with dots)Preparation:
Take the bananas and peel them. Then, make a puree out of them using a wooden spoon or a fork. Metal shouldn’t be used because when bananas come into contact with metal they become dark.

Put the pureed bananas into a pot. …

This Sweet Potato Juice Will Clean Your Body And Boost Your Eyesight

What do you like more – sweet or regular potatoes? We guess it’s the latter. It’s not your fault – sweet potatoes are a criminally overlooked vegetable. It’s really a shame since they’re far healthier than regular potatoes and have numerous benefits for our health.

First and foremost, they’re home to a variety of vitamins and minerals. The nutritional profile of sweet potatoes makes them a perfect anti-diabetic food, but they’re great for your overall health, not just your blood sugar levels. And that’s only for starters – the benefits sweet potatoes offer are almost unmatched in the vegetable kingdom.

Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes
Most people don’t even know that sweet potatoes are full of vitamins C, D, and E. All three are extremely important for our health. Vitamin C is great for our immune system, while vitamin D is important for proper bone growth and red blood cell development and formation. Vitamin B6, on the other hand, keeps the levels of homocysteine in our blood low. If…

6 Warning Signs That Show a Stroke Is Coming, And It’s Really Important To Know Them

Cerebral Stroke is a leading cause of serious disability in the US. Each year, as high as almost 800,000 people suffer from a stroke, 700,000 of which are first-timers and in 150,000 cases, its a recurrence. But there are ways to prevent it if you are careful about a few things in your daily life.

Having a stroke is similar to a heart attack, but in this case, it attacks your brain. Actually, a cerebral stroke happens when some parts of the brain are interrupted and that makes our body unable to function normally. The affected part of the brain needs urgent medical attention as its important for the brain to get a continuous supply of oxygen to be able to function normally.

The symptoms of a stroke usually develop quickly but it can sometimes take hours or even days to notice that something is wrong. So, if you think that you may be experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important not to ignore it, even if some of them don’t seem too serious.

1. High blood pressure
High blood pressur…

Natural Methods To Get Rid of Spider Veins

The small dilated blood vessels that become visible as thin purple, blue or twisted red lines on the mucous membranes or skin’s surface are called spider veins. The term “spider veins” is because of their looks like a spider web or tree branches.

In general, spider veins appear as a result of weak or damaged valves in the vein and it may affect on the hands, legs, and face (chin, nose, and cheeks).

Some other sources which can cause spider veins are: genetics, hormonal changes, age, stress, wearing tight clothes, a prolonged period of sitting or standing, overweight,  certain medications, constipation, overexposure to sun’s harmful UV rays, blood clots, etc.

Although spider veins are usually harmless but sometimes occur to cause pain, throbbing rashes, swelling, restless legs, and itching around the affected area. If not treated correctly, it results in skin ulcers or varicose veins.

Before start using the creams or counter medications, first, give a chance to natural home remedies to…

Easy Home Remedies Which Help Stabilize Your Blood Pressure

As we grow older, blood pressure is going to be an issue for many of us. It drastically increases in some people and it is the harbinger of various other complications. There are myriad causes for this spike such as lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, drinking habits, cigarettes, weight gain, and anxiety. To bring stability to your blood pressure, you’ll need to transform your daily habits.

While medicines are necessary for people with a serious problem, most of us can stabilize our blood pressure if we just make healthier choices. It is also important to keep in mind that high blood pressure is passed down from generation to generation, so those with a family history need to be more wary about their lifestyles.

Normal systolic pressure should be less than 120 mm Hg and diastolic pressure should be less than 80 mm Hg.

These are some home remedies you can use to bring down your blood pressure:

1. Lemonade
A cool glass of lemonade can be refreshing on a hot summer day but did you know that it …